Ryusousha – 34

Chapter 34


“Hey-, What…what’s going on?”


I was surrounded by the female students as soon as I entered the room.


There was no hostility. At least, none that I could sense.

In fact, it was perfectly clear that they had a great fondness for me.


But, why?


“So the last person has finally arrived.”

“Hello! I’m a Second-Yea…”


“Hey, you! Don’t cut in like that.”

“Early birds get the worm!”


“Well, I won’t back down.”

“Hey! Where are you trying to take him?”


“The last one is pretty cute. Jululie is lucky.”

“It’s not like he’s yours already. Besides, think of your age, you Third-Year.”

“What did you call me!?”


Right. I understood now.

This was a dangerous place. In more ways than one.


I started to wonder if I had gone into the wrong drawing-room, but they all had tags on their uniforms that read ‘Receptionist’ on it.


But there were so many of them.

It was as if all the students in the school were here.


As they didn’t mean any harm, I waited to see what would happen. But by now, I was surrounded by so many people.


Some pulled my arms and some talked to me.

Some whispered in my ear and some tried to subtly wrap their arm around my waist.


Those who got too close to my face were pulled away. What did you try to do?


And then several fights would erupt.

I had only just arrived, but I wanted to leave.


And so I erased my presence and quietly unraveled myself from the arms.

Then I made my way through the crowd and ran up a flight of stairs.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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