Two Saints – 75

Beautiful Town


“We’ll have to call the others.”


And so Kaider hurried off to call them.


“What is it? Chiharu and Maki.”

“So, it was dangerous after all!”


Aeris and Edwy looked very worried. Grudo was yawning.


Chiharu and Maki shook their heads. Then they made everyone sit down before Chiharu repeated what she had just said to the others.


“The gazers said that they came over the mountains and not the sea.”

“What! Lowland is connected by a river. So that means they came through the mountains near Highland…”


Edwy said with surprise.


“Yes, while they are low, there are mountains near the border of Highland. Chiharu, do you know which area they came from exactly?”

“I don’t know. They just said that they crossed several mountains and were tired.”


Chiharu said as she shook her head.


“This is the border. Maybe it was near the mountains of Lowland.”


Nyran said with a scowl.


“Did they just come out of a cave? Or is there a new dungeon…”

“Surely not. That’s impossible.”


Grudo said. He was no longer yawning.


“Calm down. Yes, there are occasionally monsters in the tunnels under the sea. That just means there are a few monsters in the underground caves. If not, we would have seen more up until now.”

“That’s true, but…many things have been happening recently that never happened before. In any case, each country must share information and we must be cautious.”


Everyone nodded at Edwy’s words. However, Grudo tended to see things more optimistically.


“We’ll tell you if something happens again. Sorry, to call you all here.”


Chiharu said. And so they all retired for the night.



“Yes. I got the impression of mountains as well. But I don’t know where they were.”

“If we were back home, we’d recognize the place immediately if it was on TV.”



They no longer thought much about turning gazers into stone. What was troubling them was that they didn’t know what was normal and what wasn’t for people in this world.


“Maybe we should have described the mountains to them.”

“But they weren’t particularly unique.”


It could not be helped. The only thing they could do now was to make sure they weren’t too tired the next morning. And so Maki and Chiharu got into bed.


They took it easy the next morning, and spent three hours traveling, including lunch, and then arrived at Bakka. This was where the Lowland castle was located. Now the mountains that would have seemed close to the east in Midland were far away. There were more flatlands here. But there were also some hills and trees that were green and beautiful.


“There are rice fields.”

“Oh, so you recognize them? I thought you would.”


Nyran said a little teasingly. While it was too early to harvest, the green ears of rice spread out before them. Perhaps they were using the flatlands as is, because they weren’t organized into neat squares. But otherwise, the scene was full of nostalgia for them.


“They’re slowly increasing the amount that they produce.”


Whether he was in the dwarf castle or out adventuring, Nyran always seemed to know about the country.


“I’m sure it will increase even more if you two help spread some delicious dishes.”

“I hope so.”


Nyran had been piloting the airship in the morning, so he seemed a little tired.



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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