Two Saints – 89

Handsome Men Are Popular No Matter Where They Go


“The market sure is lively today.”


Corete craned his neck. Apparently, some group of people had brought a new product to the market. And when he looked closer, he saw that a young boy and girl were selling Soluna oranges.


“Soluna oranges, huh. They aren’t exactly rare back home, but I guess they don’t have them in the human territories.”


He muttered as he saw the townspeople gathered around in order to buy the oranges. Then he turned to Dilon, who was standing behind a small table that displayed ornaments made of scales, and said,


“We’ve been here for three days now. I think we got all of the information that we can get. We should pack up the store now. Besides, I bet Zynis is tired of living in the forest.”

“If anything, I bet father is enjoying being able to run around in the mountains every day.”


Dilon said with an annoyed look. He was so lively no matter where he went.


This was his first mission in the human territories, and the special humanoid form took a lot of concentration. It was him and not Zynis who was feeling tired. However, the girls who gathered around to see the unusual accessories were very cute. And he did not mind the way they looked at his ash-colored hair with admiration. Yes. It wasn’t bad at all.


“Oh? It seems they are walking around with the oranges as well. That way, people who can’t leave their stall can also buy some.”


Corete sounded impressed.


“But you wouldn’t be able to sell the scale accessories like that.”

“Well, that’s true. Regardless, we already sold the unprocessed scales to a craftsman. So selling the accessories is just a way to make a little extra money and something we could use for cover.”


It was easy to bring up the merfolk when you were selling the scales. And they were able to learn that a merman had been caught near the villa. Perhaps the rumor about ‘being wary of the mirror lake’ had something to do with this ‘captive merman.’


Zynis was currently looking into it during the night.


“Oh, too bad. The oranges got sold out before they reached us.”

“You sure like fruits, Corete. Well, I’m bored of tending to the store. Maybe I’ll go scouting and buy some oranges along the way. There seem to be less customers now.”

“Then buy some early-ripening grapes as well.”

“Fine. Fine.”


Dilon jumped over the table and began to slowly walk through the market. It was said that inland people were prejudiced against non-humans, but he had asked a dwarf who had come to buy some scales, and was told that such sentiments were not common. In fact, many people had stared at his unusual ash-colored hair, but he never felt anything other than curiosity in their looks.


Well, he did see annoyance on the faces of other young men. However, there was none of that now. When he looked at the market, he saw that everyone was focused on the two young men who were carrying the empty boxes. And also on the young boy and girl who sold the oranges. Even the young men were looking at them.


Well, they were traveling merchants who would only be here temporarily. There was no point in being annoyed by them. Dilon told this to himself as he stood in line to buy some oranges.


“Oh, it’s the young man with gray hair. Did you come to buy the oranges?”


An old lady who had already finished buying some started to talk to him.


“Yeah. My friend really likes them.”

“How many do you want?”


The boy had a pretty high-pitched voice. It would probably deepen soon.


“Uh, I’ll take three.”


When he looked down, he saw that the boy with blonde hair and black eyes was looking up at him in surprise. No, the eyes were dark brown. Dilon was surprised as well.



“No, it’s not.”


The girl said from the side as the boy muttered.


“R-right. Sorry. You just look like a friend.”

“No, he doesn’t. If anything, they aren’t even the same species.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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