Ryusousha – 34


“…Phew. I escaped.”


The room I had been in was the great hall, and the stairs took me to the side of the stage.

I was going up one side, but it seemed to go up quite high.


“It’s too dangerous to go back down, so I should just hide here until its time.”

And so I went to the top of the stairs.


There was a terrace on the top, and tables and chairs had been set up.


“Well, there’s no one here. So this will do.”

I pulled out one of the chairs and sat down.


“…Hah… That was tiring.”

The students downstairs were clearly from the Royal Academy.

I suppose they were candidates for Patrons.


And as they had already had their opening ceremony a few days ago, students from all three grades were present.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember how many there had been.


The room had been densely packed… Maybe 700 or 800 people.

So that meant it was close to half of all the students.


“It’s no wonder they were telling me to be careful.”

It was like an official school match-making party.


Matching Dragon Master with Patrons.

If they were serious about it, then this opening ceremony was the perfect hunting ground.


It made me feel quite sad.



A single female student entered.

As I had erased my presence, it took her a while to notice me.


Well, I had given up erasing it, since someone had entered the room already.


She was holding a tray with a steaming cup on it and seemed to be too stunned to move.


Of course, she was.

Hell, I was surprised.

After all, I would never have imagined that I’d see her here.



She asked. Her eyes were still wide.


“Hey, Linda. It-it’s been a while.”


On the day of the ceremony, I had reunited with my childhood friend, Linda Lucena.

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