Ryusousha – 77

Chapter 77


The first day of a long break.

I stayed and helped out at the bakery until it was past midday, and then finally returned to the dormitory. My brother in law was waiting in the lobby.


“Hey, when are you going home?”



I had been trying really hard to not think about it. But he forced me back into reality in a second.

When would I return? It was a big problem. And there was no easy answer for it.


After all, a round trip meant that I would have to go ten days without baking bread.

This was hard to accept…


“Well, I’m heading back tomorrow. Why don’t you come with me?”


“Hmm. But, I’ve been thinking. My father’s gone back to work, right? Maybe I shouldn’t bother him?”

Christan laughed. Still, it was true.


Father wasn’t likely to need any help with his work as a Right Hand in Sol. There wasn’t really any need for me to return. So what would I even do there? Nothing. I would have nothing to do.


I would rather stay here, where I could spend my days at the bakery, and occasionally take orders from the queen.

Most of the Right Hands that had died were from the Royal Capital, which meant there were fewer Right Hands around now.


Beheader and Thousand Needles had also died, and the palace had just recently been attacked.

So you might say that the city was in a dangerous situation. It would surely be better for me to stay here.

Yes. I was getting more and more convinced that this was true.


“Well, I have to return no matter what. So, should I tell them that you’ll be going later?”


“Uh, yeah. Thanks.”

Later… Yes, later. I suppose I would go after all.


“I’ll tell them then. So you better return.”


Christan said with a chuckle and a pat on the head. Then he left.

He was probably going off to buy souvenirs for my sister.


As for the school store, someone from the school office was going to tend to it during the long break.

There would be no new products brought in, and most of it would be closed off.


Christan said that I must go home, but I had a feeling he didn’t actually expect me to.


I didn’t think my parents really cared, either way. The problem was my sister.

I should write a letter and explain that things are busy here and that I might be late.

That way, if I end up not going, I could just say ‘I had a lot of work to do.’ Right?


On the second day.


Once again, I spent the entire morning at the bakery. It was a blessed time.

Just the smell of freshly baked bread wafting around the room was enough to make anyone happy.


Maybe I should just work here forever?

Well, I couldn’t, because Mira was here. If only she could go marry someone and get lost…


“Hey, I’m about to go make some deliveries. Can you tend to the store?”


As I plotted the takeover of her inheritance, Mira approached me.

Recently, she liked to think of herself as the true draw of this place.


Missus Faine had a local meeting to attend, and so she wasn’t here.

And Mister Rob was currently preoccupied with shaping the dough.

I see. So I was the only one who was free.


“Tend the store. Sure. Just give me a minute. Still, this is an unusual hour to make deliveries.”

“There will be a festival in the merchant district in August. Mother’s attending a meeting about it. …And they asked me to deliver some bread to them.”


A festival, huh. If it was in August, it was during our school break.


“And when will you be back?”

“I’m sure it will be before the next batch is out of the oven.”


The first batch of the day was nearly sold out.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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