Ryusousha – 77


The next would be ready in about an hour.


“An hour then. Got it. I’ll be here until you get back.”

“Thank you. See you later then.”

Mira pushed her cart out into the streets. She looked good. Maybe she really was Fluffy Bouloire’s mascot.


“…So, I better prepare then.”

I washed my hands and then put on some gloves in order to hide the dragon mark.


Then I took off my apron, which was covered in powder, and put on the ‘nicer’ apron that they wore at the counter.


More customers would start to come in between now and midday.

I would have to rearrange the bread and make space for the freshly baked bread.


After a while, more customers started to come in.

Most of them were regulars, and quite a few recognized me.


I had plenty of experience dealing with customers back home. And though I was not as skilled as my sister, I knew how to put on a smile and be pleasant.

Exchange just enough words and be swift with your hands.




Came the voice of a sophisticated-looking girl.

She had well-tailored clothes and wore a white hat.

But most striking was her long, straight hair and blue eyes.


Even though her clothes were finely tailored, they were modest and did not draw a lot of attention to themselves.

She had a similar air about her as the noblewoman that Mira had fought with previously.


“Can I help you?”


I said, a little politely.

I could only hope she was not about to demand that I make deliveries for her.


Well, that wasn’t likely. She didn’t seem like that type.

As I waited for her to continue, she stared quietly at my face.


“You are Leon, aren’t you?”



In spite of standing in front of a customer, I croaked awkwardly.

Why? Why did she know my name?


I didn’t have any friends that looked like they belonged in the upper classes of society.

She continued to stare at me. I felt like a hole was being drilled through my face.


“Yes, there is no doubt about it. You are Leon, from the Dragon Academy. What are you doing here?”


The words that came out of her mouth were most shocking indeed.

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    • “it takes 10 days to go home, i wont be able to bake bread at that time”

      he is pretty focused on the bread

  1. Well well, if there any other customers nearby when she said that this could be the end of Leon’s part-time job. Poor Leon

  2. This guy… plotting to steal away the bakery’s inheritance so he can bake bread…

    So is this girl somebody else who wants to become his patron too? Leon really should’ve picked one sooner so he’d not have to deal with people showing up to his job to try to convince him to take them as his patron.

  3. Thank you for the translation!! ❤
    I hope he doesnt need to say good bye to his part time work because of her. Hmm

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