Realist Demon King – 79

Three Times


After leaving the restoration and protection of Decarbia castle to Eve, the rest of us headed for the home of this mysterious Hero.


He had been dissatisfied by Decarbia, who had summoned him. And now he was living away from the castle.


He tended to his field during the day and read books when it rained.

That was the kind of life he apparently lived.


As someone who was quite busy every day, I was jealous of this slow life.


“You work too much, Master Demon King.”


Toshizou agreed.

So did Jeanne.


“I’ve never seen a king work so hard. I don’t think that Charles VII did one-hundredth of the work that you do.”


“Well, I have a lot to prove. This is what it will take in order to catch up with the other Demon Kings.”


“And finding new men is a part of that.”




“By the way, who is this person anyway? I’m sure you have an idea by now.”




“I would very much like to hear it.”


“I don’t mind. But it would be quite embarrassing if I turned out to be wrong.”


But Toshizou insisted on hearing it.

And so I gave him a hint.


“I am sure you have heard of him. He is very famous.”


“From Japan?”




“Then he is from China.”




I answered.


“A very long time ago. Before royal authority existed in Japan. There was already a great dynasty and centralized government in China. However, that dynasty would come to an end eventually. An age of turmoil was approaching. Such was the time that he lived.”


“I see.”


Toshizou scratched his chin and thought about it.

It seemed like he had someone in mind.


“This man accomplished the difficult task of gathering ten thousand arrows in one night. And he even helped a suspicious man, who claimed to be a descendant of the royal line, ascend to the throne. He was seen as a strategist of rare ability.”


Toshizou was convinced after hearing this.

And so he asked,


“You must be talking about the famous strategist that Sima Hui said was the key to uniting the kingdoms?”

“Exactly. According to him, it was either Zhuge Liang or Pang Tong. Having either one of them would allow you to achieve that dream.”


Of course, the man called Liu Bei had both of them, but his reign ended with him only ever conquering the country of Sichuan.


Still, the man called Zhuge Liang remained in Chinese history as a bright star.

As Toshizou had already guessed it, I didn’t bother to hide the name.


“I believe that the person we are looking for is Zhuge Liang.”


Toshizou heard this and let out a whistle. That’s a big one. He murmured.


Jeanne didn’t understand it, however. She just chewed on her dried meat with a blank expression.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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