Realist Demon King – 79


Well, this man was quite famous. Most people from Toshizou’s country would know who he was.

Even I did.

However, most people seemed to not know much about him other than his name.

As it were, Toshizou apparently mistook him for some kind of genius tactician.


“He was a Hero who was born during the age of the Three Kingdoms. He helped a man of suspicious origins, called Liu Bei and helped him conquer Sichuan, where he became the prime minister. He is often depicted as a genius tactician in fiction, but he was really more of a brilliant politician.”


“But didn’t he destroy an army that was double the size of his own during the battle of Red Cliff? I heard Liu Bei’s northern expedition beat the Wei army?”


Toshizou questioned.


“The person who achieved the most during that battle was General Zhou Yu. Zhuge Liang was not in such a position. Of course, he did deceive Wu and steal Jingzhou after that, which was impressive.”


“But what about the northern expedition? The fight with Sima Yi is a most famous part of history.”


“It might be, but none of Zhuge Liang’s expeditions were successful. He never defeated the kingdom of Wei.”


“I see. Yes, I suppose that is true.”


“However, it wasn’t because he was incapable. He was really a politician, but was forced to become a tactician as they did not have enough men.”


Had there been enough good generals left, he would have been able to plan in the back and focus on governing in the capital of Sichuan. History might have been different then, but there was no point in thinking about that now.


What we had to do, was bring Zhuge Liang into the fold.


I had an idea about how to do this, but I wasn’t sure if it would work.


In any case, we had to move on.

And so I started to walk towards this hermitage where he lived.


Apparently, it was inside of a forest. That was according to Fuma Kotaro’s report.

In a thick forest, he lives with a monk who was his servant.

Before we reached it, I told the others,


“We will likely have to visit this place a number of times.”


Jeanne looked surprised.


“Why? Can it not be done in one visit?”


“It cannot.”


Then Toshizhou opened his mouth.


“So you intend to visit three times.”




“Three times?”


“It’s a tradition from that other world. It has to do with the man, Zhuge Liang. His master was Liu Bei, and he had to visit his home three times in order to persuade him to join. And so it has become a tradition whenever you want to bring a brilliant person in to work for you.”


“But isn’t this man weak in battle? I do not see the point of bringing someone like that in.”


“He is not weak. It is just that his talents are more fit for governing.”


I explained. Just then, the forest opened up and we could see his retreat.


I had imagined an old, Chinese house and a garden with bamboo trees, but what we saw was a western, medieval house.


Though, perhaps it was to be expected. This was a different world, after all.

A monk was working in front of the house.

I decided to talk to him, but I already knew what the answer would be.

He would say that Zhuge Liang was not home.

I said this to Jeanne, and I was right.


“My Master is not here right now. Please come again tomorrow.”

He said with a smile.


I smiled back. Jeanne looked shocked.


“Amazing. Did you receive a divine revelation from God?”


She asked through blinking eyes.

Well, this was the predictable beginning to the story about the three visits.


Toshizhou didn’t seem surprised either. But as someone who didn’t know anything about it, Jeanne thought I was some kind of prophet.


I chuckled and wondered if she would be surprised if I predicted what would happen on our next visit. And with that, we turned on our heels and went to at an inn that we had passed by on the way.

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