Ryusousha – 72


“One of them can appear out of nowhere! He got through the detection barrier!”


Oh, so this was the one who made the barrier.

So, I had been detected because I came out of the shadows.


The other enemies now turned in my direction.

My initial target had already moved to the center of the group now. Had he wanted to get away from me?


Damn it.

This meant that no matter who I targeted, I would be detected the moment I came out of the shadows.


I had to switch gears here.


The enemy formation changed.

They must have seen me as highly dangerous, as two of them came towards me at once.


A shortsword…and bow?

Now that I think about it, they had intended to sneak in at night and kill us in our sleep.


They would have likely killed the guards with ice magic or that bow.


One of them came charging.

I tried to block his attack with my own shortsword, but then an arrow came flying.


They had good teamwork. But I could deal with it.

As long as I knew when the arrow was fired, it would be fine.


I dodged it easily by moving the upper part of my body, and the arrow flew past me.



The bowman looked like he wanted to protest, but I had to deal with the closer enemy first.


I flicked my wrist and threw the spiked pebbles I had been holding in my hand.


One of them caught the enemy in the face. These were pretty painful.

Just as the enemy flinched from it, I slid my sword into his throat.

It went well.


Then I quickly pulled it out and pressed forward to the next one.




He tried to move back while nocking his arrow, but the distance between us closed immediately.

He wasn’t able to steady his aim before unleashing the arrow, and it passed over my head.

It was just as he frantically pulled out a knife from his belt that I cut off his hand.




My eye went to the others, but the battle had already begun. No one else was paying us any attention.

With a sigh of relief, I stabbed him.


The blade sunk deep into his neck, and blood sprayed into the air. And so I stepped to the side to avoid being covered.

“There are…three left now.”


The black mist was still there.

But the ice magic user had apparently been killed.


They had probably attacked him as a group.

There were three ice statues right next to the magician’s corpse.


Using that kind of magic during battle kind of made you an easy target.


Everyone would think to get rid of the one with deadly ranged attacks first.

If you ignored them, they would continue to attack you without being punished.


“So, it’s just three left. But we’ve taken heavy losses as well.”


It seemed like they had no intention of retreating, though.

Either they were very confident or…

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  1. I hope those guys can be safely thawed, or that means they lost at least 4 people to one guy. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be easy to replace elite assassins.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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