Jack of all Trades – 263


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“You do know that I already bought vegetables?”

“Oh? Let’s see them then.”

“The bracelet is acting strangely…”


Daniela muttered as she tapped it. I would have to be responsible for food next time.

Well, I really had no one to blame but myself…


“Hmph. Eating so much vegetables will only make you weak.”

“You can’t travel while only eating meat. It’s called balance, Daniela.”



Perhaps it didn’t affect her as much. After all, she could eat a mountain of meat. But it paid to be safe.


“I want you to stay healthy. A balanced diet is important for a long life.”

“…Hahh… If you are going to say that, then I have no choice but to yield.”


It’s not like she was incapable of eating it. We used to eat both every night during our travels. And she would always drink the soup and even ask for more. It was only when we came here that her obsession with meat went out of control… I had to get her back on the right path, or we didn’t have any hope of surviving this dungeon.


And so my mind was full of ideas regarding Daniela’s nutritional education in the future as we continued walking. However, Daniela stopped after a few steps.


“Hmm? What is it?”



Daniela pointed at one of the stores. I braced myself and looked, but it turned out to be an ordinary shop and not a pile of meat. Why was she pointing at it?

Then I realized it wasn’t the shop, but the person standing in front of it.



“It is Aeneus.”


The Adventurer who fought with a trident. We had met him in Yukka. I remember him saying something about entering the tournament. But I didn’t see him at all.


“Hey, Aeneus.”

“Hm? Ah, it’s you. Been a while.”


He was always so calm. It was a bit of a relief to see that nothing had changed.


“What an odd place to find you.”

“Really? I thought we told each other that we’d be entering the tournament.”

“Haha. Oh, I decided not to, once I knew you were going to fight.”


What the hell…


“And not only that, but Bandi was going to be there too. Yes, I turned right around and took a spectator’s seat.”

“Huh? You know Bandi?”


I was a little surprised to hear that name from him.


“No, we’re not acquainted. But she is very famous. At least, among us who wield spears.”

“I see.”


Both of them were experts in that area. I suppose she was famous among this network of spear-wielders then. You would think that would make you want to fight her even more, but Aeneus might have been the type of person who preferred to watch.


“I was watching your fight too. Aye, then I was really glad that I didn’t bother.”

“I’m not sure how I should feel about that…”


Aeneus sounded rather cheerful. Well, it was his decision, so there was no point in arguing with him.


We chatted a little after that, but the store owner started coughing in our direction, and so we left. Daniela had really only greeted Aeneus in the beginning and then wandered off to some shopping.


“Well, I better get going then. Maybe we’ll meet somewhere else.”

“I’m sure we will. And when that time comes, I’ll be as famous is Bandi.”

“Of course, you will. You’ve got that great spear, after all.”

“I hope so… See, you Asagi. You too, Daniela.”

“Yeah, be safe!”



Aeneus waved at us as we left. Daniela waved her stick in the air. I knew he was coming to the city, but hadn’t expected to meet him here…


“Let’s go.”



We had some potions to buy. I was sure that there were wonderful selections waiting for us on those shelves. I couldn’t wait to see them.

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