Jack of all Trades – 89

Farewell, Valdorf

“It’s been a hectic four days here, huh?”

“It has. We have already paid the inn, so we need only gather our belongings and leave.”


We had arrived in the afternoon, and the day after that was spent replacing my assault kobold equipment. This continued into the third day, and I also had to retrieve the immobile Daniela from the park. And that brings us to today.

It would have been nice to have spent the time relaxing and doing some sightseeing…but trouble really did come unexpectedly. In this case, from right under my feet. Damn it, I could never let my guard down.


“At least you were able to buy some nice equipment because of it.”

Well, I guess. I’m definitely relieved that it worked out.”


The greatsword hung on my shoulder and the shortsword was attached to my belt. I lifted up my leg and flashed the black boots as well. Daniela folded her arms and inspected them.


“It all looks good to me. But can you really wield that greatsword?”

“I intend to. Don’t worry.”


I make a confident fist. Buying new weapons always got me a little pumped up. I would fight the first monster I see after leaving this town.


We restocked on some food and that was it. There was nothing else to do for preparations. Food was all you needed. We hadn’t used our other camping equipment that much, and they were in good condition. There was also nowhere else to visit. Normally I would go around and say goodbye to everyone, but there was no point in doing it here. Dorothea wasn’t even at the inn, so we never even got started. Well, maybe we should at least say something to Kasil. No need to check on the little shit, though.


“We’ll leave as soon as we say goodbye to Kasil. Is that fine with you?”

“Ah, the blacksmith. His shop was on the side of the empire, so it is on the way.”


And so we went to see Kasil.



“Ah, here you are again. What is it this time?”


Kasil was sitting on a chair behind the counter as he polished a shortsword. He looked up at me and sighed.


“Just thought I’d say something before leaving town. Thanks for everything.”

“Ah, is that what it is. Aye, travel safely then!”


He sheathed the shortsword and stood up to extend his hand. I accepted it with a tight grip. This was was followed by a suffocating embrace and a series of painful slaps.


“But really, I’m lucky to have been able to acquire such good weapons. Why is such a skilled blacksmith like you in a place like this?”


I couldn’t help but find it odd. He would make much more money if he moved his business away from this post town, and to a more lively city.


“Ahh, about that. I am asked this constantly. But it is my desire to give good weapons to people who come to the empire, and to people who leave it. By giving them the blade that will protect them, I am praying for their safety. Well, that was what my master believed, and I am just following him!”


He said with an embarrassed chuckle. What a nice guy.


“I hope that you continue to pray for the safety of such travelers.”

“Aye, and you two be careful. I’ll be praying for you!”


Kasil’s Arms Shop. I would recommend it to anyone who was traveling to the empire. The good-natured owner is guaranteed to give you the finest weapon. Well, in exchange for money.


□   □   □   □


There was a large town that could be reached after a two days travel from Valdorf’s eastern gate and passing through a small village.

It was called the Adventurer’s Town. A town that had given birth to numerous renowned Adventurers. Dragonslayers. Dungeon Crawlers. World Travelers. I didn’t know much about it all, but they were famous. And it was this bustling town, that would be our next destination.

We had just passed the eastern gate now, and I was asking Daniela about this town as we walked.


“We should be able to get precise information there. Knowledge about the empire and its monsters.”

“I see… I guess we have to go too, since Valdorf didn’t have a guild.”


Apparently, it was the guards of Valdorf that took care of exterminating the monsters. It just wasn’t a town that suffered from monsters too much, to begin with, and so they didn’t require a guild. We had been quite disappointed about this when we found out.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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