Jack of all Trades – 88


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“Sorry, I was wondering if you saw my partner around here?”

“Well, this is a surprise. Oh, but it suits you well! Yes, they are fine, aren’t they? These greatswords! A man should carry a greatsword!”

“This is not the best time for that. We’ll lose track of time again!”

“Ah, yes, yes. I’m not exactly free either. So, the young lady? Haven’t seen her. Have you two been fighting?”

“No. But she hasn’t been back for lunch, and that has me a little worried.”

“I see. I wish that I could help you, but I’ve only just started the heating the furnace. Sorry.”

“No, no. I hope you make something really good. Excuse me.”



She hadn’t been there either. Well, my last hope was the Tree Stump Arbor.

Where did Daniela go?


□   □   □   □


“Hm? Oh, it’s you. Here to eat again?”

“Sorry, I’ve come looking for someone.”

“Ah, so you are not a customer then. Leave.”

“Right. Well, I just wanted to ask you if a woman with platinum blonde hair and a healthy appetite came today?”

“That she did. She ate everything that was served and left.”


Daniela! You did come here!


“So, what time was it that she came!?”

“Around nine. She bombarded me with orders, scraped the plates clean and then left for the park over there.”

“Thank you! I’ll go and look! I’ll be back!”

“It better be as a customer. I’ll have some good food prepared for you.”


Damn, as smooth as ever. Even that smile at the end was bound to be effective.

But I needed to find Daniela. I hope it wasn’t something stupid, like she had eaten too much and was unable to move… Anyway, to the park.


□   □   □   □


There was a park just outside of the market area. A small patch of open land with flower beds… A small park. There were several benches in the corner, and I could see children gathering near one. But Daniela was nowhere in sight. I’ll try asking them…


“Hey, you kids. Have you seen a blonde lady around here?”

“Blonde lady? You mean this person?”



The child who answered me pointed to the bench. My eyes followed the small finger to what was a bloated Daniela lying down.


“Ah, yes. That’s the one.”

“It is! So you found her!”

“Yeah. Thanks.”


I gave them all a pat on the head, and they laughed and ran away. Children were so honest and fun!


“This person on the other hand… Hey, Daniela. Get up. Get up.”

“Uhh…no, I cannot eat anymore…”

“Sleep talk when you’re sleeping, you stupid bastard.”


I try shaking her as stupid words pour out of her mouth until her eyes slowly open.


“Mmm…ahh…it is Asagi…”

“And you are Daniela. What are you doing here?”

“I ate too much and…rested…slept…it would seem.”

“Seem? You were practically passed out!”


So it was overeating. That was embarrassing. But after a calm conversation, I learned that the reason lay with me. Well, I wouldn’t say it was all on me, but it didn’t change that I was in the wrong…


“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to neglect you, Daniela, not at all. Um, it’s just that, the manly part of my soul can misbehave.”

“Well, it is not as if I do not understand it… But I hope you are going to make up for it today?”

“Yeah, definitely. I don’t know if it’ll be much as reparation, but how about we get something to eat!”


It was the best offer I could think of for her. However, something most unimaginable came from her lips.


“No, no more for today…”


Would it rain rocks tomorrow? Voicing my disbelief like that earned me a smack on the head. Now, I was clearly not in the wrong this time. Unfortunately, there was no one around to support me.


That night, we had a light(Daniela not so much) dinner and stayed together in my room until morning. The details of the night will be omitted here, but I will say that Daniela’s mood was much improved on the following morning.

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    • When the hero came the girls spoke that the hero lasted long but csnt shot more than once bjt asagi is a quick shit that left daniela on a spot but he can do it a few times…. my guess is that asafi is bad in sex

      • No no no, he was bad and ended quickly the first time. But he not only improved but also can go multiple times now, so she has been well satisfied. At least according to her talk with the harem members.

        Probably an effect of Jack of All Trades, it sensed he needed a help in that area as well.

  1. One thing of this Novel I don’t like is that the Author isn’t writing anything about the “snuggle night” and I don’t really like that…..

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