Makai Hongi – 159

Chapter 159

○ Celestial World – Eira Research Facility – Chaos Dome

Within the giant, dome-shaped building.
In the center, there was a circular lid that was laid out so that it connected to the floor.

“I will now enter in order to secure the test subjects. Requesting entry into the chaos region.”

Said a person who had come in from the outside. A researcher nodded and gave the order.

“Open the chaos region.”
Upon hearing those words, slightly diminutive figures began to work hurriedly.
After a brief moment, the circular lid in the center split in half.

White and blue fog rose into the air.
A giant, circular hole appeared where the lid had once been.

“The chaos region is now open. It will be maintained for the next forty seconds.”

The man who had come in from outside held something like a casting net as he waited.

“Go to the chaos ea.”
“Moving the circle over to the chaos sea.”

Then the man in white threw the net into the hole.
After a moment, he began to work on the control panel in front of him. And then the net was retrieved automatically.

“Go to the chaos vortex.”
“Moving to the chaos vortex.”

Here, the same action was repeated.

“Go to the chaos cloud.”
“Moving to the chaos cloud.”

All three times were a success.

“Forty seconds have elapsed. The chaos region will now be closed.”
Everyone then moved away from the hole.
The lid came out and closed over the hole.

“The chaos region is now closed.”
The researcher’s voice echoed throughout the dome.

○ Celestial World – Eira Research Facility – Shell Research Facility

“To the souls removed from the chaos sea, numbers between 14750001 and 14751000 shall be bestowed.”
“The bestowing of numbers between 14750001 and 14751000 is complete.”

“To the souls removed from the chaos vortex, the numbers between 14751001 and 14752000 shall be bestowed.”
“The bestowing of numbers between 14751001 and 14752000 is complete.”

“To the souls removed from the chaos cloud, the numbers between 14752001 and 14753000 shall be bestowed.”
“The bestowing of numbers between 14752001 and 14753000 is complete.”

“The remaining souls shall be destroyed.”
“Destruction of remaining souls is complete.”

The man in white looked at the information projected from his control panel, and checked the results.

“Put the souls into magic stones. And then begin embedding them into the shells. Out of the ones that are created, send 250 of each to the testing room. And keep them there.”
“The souls will be adhered to magic stones, and then we will start embedding them into the shells.”

For a long time after, the numerous, diminutive works were kept very busy.

○ Celestial World – Eira Research Facility – Body Research Facility – Testing Room

“100 test subjects of each type will be used. Prepare for use.”
“Preparing test subjects for use.”

“Begin the resuscitation of shells. Have experiments commence with those that are already storage bodies.”
“Resuscitation measures have commenced. Please check the levels.”

“Sentience level check complete.”
“Breathing level check complete.”

“Neural transmission level check complete.”
“All checks are complete.”

One after another, the shells were awakened. And once they became storage bodies, they were taken to the back.

“Beginning the fusion of the souls of test subjects 14752801 and 14752850. Begin the unification of all souls between 14752851 and 14752900.”

“Beginning fusion of souls.”

“Beginning unification of souls.”

The research facility was filled with muffled cries and painful screams.
It was from the pain of souls being forced to change into something else.

“Test subject 14752813. Consciousness level is opaque.”
“Destroy it.”
“Destruction complete.”

“Test subject 14752822. Bodily damage.”
“Destroy it.”
“Destruction complete.”

“Test subject 14752836. Soul unable to synchronize. Fusion has failed.”
“Destroy it.”
“Destruction complete.”

“Test subject 14752849. Succeeded in fusing souls.”
“Close off it’s conscious level and take it to experiment room 46.”
“Taking subject to experiment room 46.”

“Test subject 14752852 has gone mad.”
“Destroy it.”
“Destruction complete.”

“Test subject 14752864. Soul could not be unified. Both have been damaged.”
“Destroy them.”
“Destruction complete.”

“Test subject 14752884. Fusion of souls was partially successful.”
“Save it.”
“Saving complete.”

“Test subject 14752896. Cutting off of nerves confirmed.”
“Destroy it.”
“Destruction complete.”

Like this, the experiments with the test subjects continued.

○ Celestial World – Eira Research Facility – ??????

The body that was being carried on the stretcher was still conscious.

In fact, it was deemed unworthy of being tested on, and so it was left alone for a while.

The person on the stretcher was test subject 14752884.
While they had succeeded in fusing a part of its soul, it was not fully complete. And so it was left here on the side as a backup for when they ran out of test subjects.

The tests continued.
In most cases, they resulted in the destruction or dissolution of the flesh. They were taken out after they had lost their shape, and then destroyed.

Once all of the experiments had been complete, their eyes moved to the body in the corner.

“What is that?”
“It’s test subject 14752884.”

“It’s condition?”
“The soul fusion was partially successful.”

“Very well. We’ll conduct an additional experiment. Prepare test subject 14752883.”
“Preparations will begin.”

The stretcher was moved, and test subject 14752884 was moved to the laboratory table.


Test subject 14752884’s scream echoed throughout the chamber.

“…So it’s flesh remained. Check the experiment data.”
“Data confirmed. These results differ from those of the unification and fusion experiments.”

“We will use this soul and experiment with different bodies. Now take out the magic stone.”
“Magic stone will be taken out.”


The eyes of the man were no longer on the test subject, but on the data.
That was when 14752884 slowly sat up.

The test subject was in a transient state, in terms of its flesh and life.
The only reason that it could move, was due to the power of the magic stone.

And so test subject 14752884 got off of the stretcher and walked away on unstable feet.

“Test subject is moving.”

“Capture…no, quickly removed the magic stone.”
“Magic stone will be removed.”

The small ones blocked its path.
The people in white caught up to it from the back.


“Test subject is capable of speech.”
“The order remains the same.”
“Understood. The magic stone will be removed.”

The man in white stretched out his hand towards the test subject.
His hand reached its chest, and was about to enter its body…that’s when the test subject’s arm lashed out and struck the man.

But its hand was blocked by something invisible.
The man in white was unphased. It’s hand pushed into the test subject’s body and touched the magic stone within.


A crack appeared on the magic stone. And once it was completely removed from the body, a black mist rose from it.

“Destruction of the magic stone confirmed.”
“Prioritize the retrieval of the soul.”
“Prioritizing retrieval.”

However, the mist continued to spread, and then it faded away.

The only thing that remained in the man’s hand, was the magic stone.

“We lost the test subject’s soul.”
“Pursue the soul.”

Like this, the experiment lost it’s only success.

After that, they conducted experiments under the same conditions, but they were never able to repeat that success.

And so they were forced to continue to search for the soul that had escaped from the cracked magic stone.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    This brings up so many questions. Was the chaos area earth or was it the demon world? If it was earth why does the soul seem to have Inner Golan’s personality? If it was the demon world where did outer Golan come from? Is Outer Golan the soul is Inner Golan and which one has the old memories? S
    Just so many questions.

  2. Well that explains why Golan has two souls. Also I worry about test subject 14752849. That one was stated to have successfully fused both souls completely unlike the one that became Golan. I’m worried that that one will eventually show up as an enemy to Golan. Either as a pawn of the Eira Research Facility or it somehow rebels and becomes the true Big Bad or something.

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