Makai Hongi – 62

Chapter 62


“…That is a warning bell. It is usually rung when enemies are attacking the town.”

General Farneze explained with a wry smile.

Apparently, she was not angry about it.

“I see. I had no idea about that.”

Ignorance was scary. Yes.

“They don’t have them in your ogre villages? What about Nehyor’s town?”

“I’ve only been there once, but I didn’t notice any.”

“Well, it’s not connected to the border. And perhaps it wasn’t in an obvious place… Well, and you’ve only been there once.”

The town that General Farneze ruled was connected to Demon King Tralzard’s country.

Perhaps it was because she was next to a superior country, that they were more cautious of danger.

After all, my accidental ringing of the bell had caused all of the residents to prepare for battle.

Several Vampires had come out of the mansion. And when I asked them to take me to General Farneze, they were furious.

As for how you were really supposed to make your presence known…

There was a knocker on the gate. But it was difficult to see, because of the patterns on it.

Ogres were large, and not good at spotting such details… Well, that’s what I told them, anyway.

Ultimately, General Farneze herself came out, and so I explained the situation to her. She looked at me with exasperation before turning around.

I had a feeling that she was laughing. Her shoulders were shaking, after all.

While the bell had been rung, it was then explained to the townsfolk that it was an accident. I saw the vampires leave frantically in order to spread the news.

Yes, while I had not meant to do it, I had caused quite a lot of trouble.

“Well, such are the times. It was good practice for the people.”

Said the General. I saw that she was gritting her teeth in order to avoid laughing. Was this really so funny?

“But why is this bell in front of your mansion, General? Shouldn’t it be by the main gate or the watchtower?”

Yes, if you hung it in a place like this, people were going to want to ring it.

“Oh, there are bells in those places as well. However, I sometimes get messages directly from the sky while in my mansion.”

I see. Vampires could fly.

If they saw enemies outside of the town, they would rush straight to the General’s mansion.

While they could just put the bell inside of the mansion, it was incredibly loud when rung.

And so they put it outside, just over the gate.

This way, riders who came would also be able to ring it.

Without knowing any of this, I had hit the bell…it was very embarrassing.

I had walked for five days straight in order to reach this town.

Damn it. That was a lot of work just to get one sword.

However, it was because of this that I was starting to learn more about the size of this country.

As the castle was apparently in the center, it meant I could walk from the north corner to the south in ten days.

And since the country was close to a circle in shape, it would be the same, east to west.

Ten days to walk from one side to the other. It was my opinion that this country was rather large.

On the other hand, the General had returned with her subordinates through the air, and it had taken them two days to arrive.

Yes, that was the difference between Vampires and Ogres.

“So, I suppose I should prepare your reward, Golan.”

The General’s adjutant, Atarascia had taken the key to the underground library, and along with Igis, another subordinate, they were monitoring Corps Commander Nehyor as he entered the library.

Was such caution really necessary?

They said that there were a lot of books that must never leave. So perhaps it was unavoidable.

“Most of my men are still at the castle.”

“I’m sorry to bother you.”


Makai Hongi

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