Cave King – 131

Chapter 131 – It was a forbidden art!?


“…!? Wind!”

As the ashes turned into black mist, I raised my hand towards Oren and unleashed wind magic.

Both Oren and the black mist were clearly a threat. And I had to attack quickly.

However, Oren hadn’t done all of this without planning. This was evident by the fact that he already had Shield up.

The others around him were also sending energy to him.

However, my wind was still strong enough to throw Oren off of his feet and slam him hard into the wall of the storage house.

“That hurt… But it’s too late. You cannot stop it now. Killing me won’t make any difference.”

Oren said as he crumbled to the floor. However, he was smiling with pleasure.

Of course, he was talking about the black mist that he had unleashed.

He saw that I was trying to use fire magic on it next, and he said,

“I told you. It’s no use, Heal. That thing is a ghost. It cannot be defeated by mere magic.”

The black mist then covered the man who had fallen on the ground earlier.

Oren smiled merrily upon seeing this.

The man was struggling as if in pain. His eyes were wide as he looked at Oren.

“Ah-ahhhh! Your Highness! What is this!?”

“It needs your flesh and blood. Isn’t this wonderful? You were able to be useful in the end, just like you wished.”

“No-no! Ahh…ahhhh! Uh-aahhhhhhhh!”

Once the mist had enveloped him completely, the screaming stopped.

Oren’s face was filled with elation as he said,

“Now, Heal… It’s time for a tearful reunion.”

Just then, the black mist exploded.

I used Shield to protect the nearby crew.


“His-His Highness, not again…we’re in danger!”

As the men began to panic, the mist started to settle again.

What I then saw was not the man who had been there a moment ago, but a creature that was a giant humanoid with a sheep’s head.

Its body was covered in black hair, and it had tattered black wings on its back.

I felt bad for thinking about it, but this creature was much more ominous than Baris.

The giant’s red eyes looked across the room.

“Wh-what is that…”

The crew looked on in shock.

I too felt overwhelmed by its presence. However, I also noticed the abnormal amount of magic energy.

Elto… No, it had even more magic than her.

“All of you, get out now!! Hurry!”

I shouted at them, and the crew quickly fled from the storage house.

As if trading places, I heard Ashton’s voice as he came running in.

“Lord Heal! What is that!?”

“Ashton! Evacuate everyone to the cave!”

“B-but I must help you!”

“There’s no time! Take them now!!”


And with his clear voice, Ashton began to order the others to evacuate to the cave. And in answer, the evacuation bell began to ring in the tower.

That’s when Oren got to his feet and smirked at me.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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