Cave King – 131


“Ah. It looks like you’ve realized that you haven’t any hope of winning? Well, this is a rather special monster.”

“Oren…what did you do?”

“What did I do… I told you that it was a ghost. Surely you’ve guessed it by now? It’s necromancy.”

“Necromancy!? But that has been banned in Sanfaris.”

Necromancy was an art that involved the dead and using corpses.

For instance, it allowed you to create skeleton monsters and undead.

It was categorised as a type of magic, due to the magic energy that was required. But unlike most magic, the incantation was very important.

Most people considered the acting of damaging corpses to be foul.

And so it was a forbidden art in Sanfaris. Even researchers were not allowed to use it.

However, Oren sounded very calm as he replied.

“And I will lift that ban when I become king. So what’s the problem if I do it now?”

“You’re wrong…”

“Wrong? Why? You can fight all you want without losing soldiers. And they are stronger than humans… Lopez. Can you hear me?”

As Oren called, the giant who he called ‘Lopez’ turned its red eyes towards him.

Lopez. The ashes from that vial… It was the name I had given the monster that Oren killed. I didn’t even know that Oren knew about that.

Oren saw my reaction and laughed as he slapped Lopez on the back.

“Hahaha! Aren’t you happy, Heal? He must have been your very first friend! However, he is just my toy now. Hey, Lopez. I want you to… Bbbbffaaa!?”

Suddenly, Oren went flying into the air and was slammed into the wall once again. While it had been too fast for my eyes to follow, it seemed like Lopez’s fist had shot into Oren’s stomach.

Blood ran from Oren’s mouth as he glared at Lopez.


However, Lopez just glared right back at him.

At the same time, I could sense immense energy expanding from Lopez’s body.

“Ah-ah… It-it wasn’t me! I wasn’t the one who killed you! It was Heal!!”

Oren’s shoulders began to shake violently as he pointed a finger at me.

And then Lopez’s face turned to look at me.

“Are you…really Lopez?”

The Lopez that I knew was smaller than a dog. And he wasn’t nearly this ominous.

Lopez stood in front of me quietly. He stared as if remembering something.

Oren screamed with a frantic expression.

“Lopez. Don’t you remember!? Who was reaching out towards you right before you died!? Who was the last person you saw!?”

Upon hearing this, Lopez’s hands held his head and he began to groan as if in pain.

I wasn’t sure if he understood.

However, if he really did have those memories of when he was alive, then he should know that it wasn’t me who killed him.

Yes, it wasn’t me. However, in the end, I had…

Oren continued to shout.

“He was standing right in front of you, wasn’t he!? It’s him! Heal is the one who killed you!!”
“No! Lopez, I was trying to…”

I suddenly choked on my words.

The sight of Oren burning Lopez right in front of me suddenly entered my mind.

–I hadn’t been able to save him.

Oren’s voice boomed.

“Kill him, now! Kill them all! Remember what you are! You are the Demon King who massacres!!”

Lopez let out a great roar. His wings began to beat the air, and the walls and roof of the storage house were blown away.

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  1. Stuff like this makes me hate passive MCs. He lets an obvious lie work it’s way into making what should have been his buddy into an enemy, should have spammed some low level spell into that shitty Oren to keep him busy, yet he keeps sitting there, quiet and useless. No matter the reason, not doing anything good in that situation is just ugly. And knowing how he worked better in the previous events just makes this clearly a crappy way the author is making needless drama. Feels bad man.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. I don’t feel sympathy for Heal. He KNEW from the very beginning that Oren was evil and would do something and he had every opportunity to kill him before he did anything but he did nothing. It’s really only going to be plot armor that the zombie will turn on Oren just because Heal was nice to it when it was still alive. Any other story would have had the zombie be completely under Oren’s control and would rampage and possibly kill or injure people before Heal would be forced to put it down.

    • Taco this maybe selfish of me, but they say you kill out of hate, you inherit that person’s hate. This one’s compassion is beyond restraint which is why he is incapable of what intend he would have but in my opinion because of that very kindness he was able to do the impossible, that no else has done. You get what I mean?

    • Oren may be a sick and evil piece of fecal matter, but he is still a prince of Sanfaris, and attacking first, no matter how justified, will trigger a war, especially with how much King Louis favored him. Heal was bound by international law, so had to provide humanitarian aid. And as has just been shown, there is no reason Heal should have expected this kind of magic since Necromancy is so banned, it’s not even available for researchers, and those ashes were buried in a cemetery, Oren shouldn’t even have them!

      Just hang in there a few chapters, Oren’s sure to get his comeuppance soon, very soon.

    • No, he was a Demon King before he was killed. Now his recalled soul was turned into something else, and it reads like he has difficulty or pain when he tries to recall things.

      Jawbrie, thanks for the time and effort translating this!

  3. Now he’s.a zombie… necromancy makes him a living creature so tame it then. Honestly just waiting for this current subplot to pass it’s boring me out to be truly honest with you all.

  4. The most annoying character in this series is Heal himself. He know Oren’s personality but he choose to do nothing until everything gone to bad way.
    I think Heal is better when the Oren come but I’m wrong, its woerser if he know but he do nothing.

  5. If Lopez was this strong why he was killed then…..BS author.

    “Why are you doing this, this is illegal” just because it is doesn’t mean that he can’t…..why are you so stupid Heal?

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