Cave King – 132

Chapter 132 – It was a tragic battle?!


Oren’s laugh echoed around us as he watched Lopez rise into the air.

“Ahahahaha! Heal! I won!”

As the walls crumbled, Oren’s men began to shout.

“Your-Your Highness! This place is too dangerous! We must escape! Ah!?”

The man suddenly grabbed his throat and then collapsed on the ground.

It wasn’t just him. The others began to fall as well.

As I sensed magic coming from Oren’s hand, I cast Shield.

However, he wasn’t directing it at me.

“Oren! You!”

I quickly tried to cast healing magic on the men.

However, this time they were all dead.

“I’ve prepared the highest quality ingredients. You better make the most of them.”

Oren said with a cool expression. And with that, the corpses were swallowed up by darkness.

When the darkness faded, devils that looked just like Lopez were now glaring at me.

There were four of them in all. And they wielded swords and shields with the mark of a skull carved into them.

Aside from them, numerous other dark shadows began to appear around us…and these transformed into white bones…skeletons.

They were equipped with swords and spears.

“…What are they?”

“Thralls of the Demon King. They kill humans and use the bodies to summon their thralls. I wasn’t actually too confident about this part, but it worked quite well.”

“You killed your friends…just to do this?”

I asked. Oren’s mouth twisted into a mirthful grin.

“Friends? They are no more than pawns. More importantly, Heal. You better hurry. Or everyone on this island will become his thralls as well. If you don’t kill Lopez soon, your precious new toys will…gaaahhh!?”

Oren was bashed by one of the devil’s shields, and he went flying into the air again. He was thrown to the ground and lay limp.

I would not be treating him. I turned away and called out to Lopez.

“Lopez!! You are Lopez, aren’t you!? Do you remember me!? I’m Heal!”

However, Lopez only glared at me silently.

A long time ago, I had read a story in a book about a human who had been brought back from the dead through Necromancy.

A man had lost the bottom half of his body during a war, and he died shortly after. However, his wife had brought him back. But the lower half of the man’s body was a grotesque clump of flesh. Even his top half looked sickly, and he could barely be called human.

And though she tried to speak to him, he never spoke back. It was said that he reacted to certain words, but it was only with painful moans.

The wife was filled with so much despair and regret over her actions, that she killed him and ended her own life shortly after.

This was a story that was spread far and wide in order to persuade people of the dangers of Necromancy.

The thing that was most notable here, was that those who returned through Necromancy seemed to lose their memory. Or perhaps, they only kept a small part of it.

Lopez had been holding his head as if in pain earlier. What if he did remember…

However, as if to crush all of my hopes, Lopez swung one of his arms.

At the same time, the devils and skeletons raised their weapons and charged at me.

“…I have to fight then.”

I had no choice now, and so I met them with magic.



The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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