Cave King – 132


My magic was so hot that the skeletons melted one after another.

However, the devils had strong shields, and the fire did not get through them.

In the meantime, Lopez unleashed a torrent of black mist at me.

I blocked the attack with fire, all the while sending more energy into Shield.

Once the black mist made contact with Shield, it exploded. However, Shield was able to block it.

Perhaps Lopez had decided that magic was not going to be effective, as he suddenly jumped towards me while swinging a fist that was enveloped in darkness.

Shield was able to block this too, but the pressure was so great that it shattered in a violent explosion immediately after.


I pulled myself off of the ground and entered a defensive stance. It wasn’t hard, as I had gone through swordsmanship training.

However, his power was so great. I had blocked all kinds of attacks with Shield up until now, but none of them had packed so hard a punch with just one hit.

I could see that incredible amounts of energy were surrounding Lopez’s fists. He had probably focused all of his magic there.

I had felt a little hesitation towards attacking Lopez.

But against someone with this much power, holding back was not an option.


As I unleashed more fire magic, Lopez did not even bother to dodge it. He faced it head on with a raise of his hand.

And yet, his body was completely undamaged.

If not fire then lightning. And if not lightning, then ice. I unleashed my magic on him.

I didn’t want to do this. But if I didn’t go all out, the others would suffer. And so I gritted my teeth and attacked Lopez.

However, try as I might, he blocked all of these attacks with his hand. Not only that, but Lopez was also able to dodge them as he moved on light feet.

After that, he directed his fist at me again.

“Magic has no effect…tsk!”

Lopez’s fist sent me flying into the air again.

This attack was followed by a kick. I braced myself and then unleashed magic as a counterattack—like this, the battle continued for a while.

Was the energy resting in his palm what was blocking my attacks? In any case, these head-on attacks were not working.

Perhaps one of Elto’s spells would be effective. Something as powerful as Hell Explosion, for instance.

However, that would easily destroy the entire island.

Lopez raised his hand again.

And like that, his thralls suddenly turned their heads towards the cave, and they started to march towards it.

“No! I won’t allow you!”

I tried to attack the thralls with magic, but Lopez’s fist came flying towards me again.


I would be blown away again–I unleashed wind magic towards him and tried to stop his fist.

This worked, and I was able to keep my feet on the ground. Lopez quickly followed the attack with a punch of his other fist, and then a kick. However, I was able to block those as well with wind magic.

Alright, I could block them… However, the others were still in danger. The thralls had already reached the defensive walls.

It was then that I heard a voice echo from the sky.

“Master! Leave this area to us! I will ensure that everyone remains unharmed!”

Elto shouted from the air as she waved a hand at me.

On further inspection, the walls were lined with armed monsters as well. And I could see Rienna and Erevan with them.

“Fire! Don’t let the enemy get close!”

Erevan said. And the air was filled with magic and arrows.

Yes, Elto and Rienna’s Shield would protect the others. Besides, the other enemies weren’t nearly as powerful as Lopez. They should be able to deal with these thralls just fine.

And so I turned back towards Lopez.

“Lopez… This was not the reunion I would have hoped for.”

But he did not react to this. Instead, he raised his fist and prepared to swing again.

I dodged the attack and launched boulders at him from my Inventory.

It wasn’t just boulders. I also sent iron and metals such as Orichalcum at him. Every kind of rock that I had was used in my attacks.

However, he remained unscathed. Even if he didn’t block them with his hands, they did nothing to his body.

He continued to chase me and swing his arms.

“…Just what I wanted.”

I used a certain stone—the Teleportation Stone, and activated it.

Suddenly, Lopez’s back was in front of me.

By scattering the stones around him, I would be able to come up behind him immediately.

Just as I raised my pickaxe into the air, Lopez’s face turned towards me.

But it was too late. The pickaxe slammed into him, and he went flying into the air.

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  1. I was expecting that Heal would accidentally chuck the resurrection stone at Lopez when he was mindlessly throwing things from his inventory at him.

  2. ahh… for a demon lord to be sent flying with a pickaxe… and here i am hoping for that annoying brother of his to be dead…

  3. This whole mess, I dislike the fact that some baddie, much weaker than the current MC, can make such an annoying monster. It’s like a forced drama, because the author didn’t get creative enough. I mean, Oren sacrificed just a couple of his pawns, and just one for Lopez, so too strong for so little effort.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    • Yeah just being able to chuck out a monster that strong out of nowhere is kinda lame… Also nobody knew he was researching this stuff and probably practicing it? Seems unlikely they would just let him do it considering his personality.

      • And who would stop him? Last time Oren went on a rampage, the most that happened was being brought before King Louis and his only punishment was the king going “I see.”

        If the king doesn’t care, what good is anyone else going against him going to accomplish? At worst, the one that tried to stop him would be killed by the king’s royal decree instead.

    • Personally I think Heal should just kill Oren now that he’s knocked out. Usually that can break whatever spell they cast. Even if it doesn’t break the spell on Lopez, at least it would rid the world of one piece of trash. Win-win either way I would say.

  4. Ok i guess its really a reunion considering how i can see a future of Heal taming Lopez hahaha. And for fuck sake, if heal doesn’t kill that bastard of brother then i guess author is jist playing around. Sigh

  5. This whole thing gonna escalate into an actual war isn’t it?

    I mean, if a royalty of some kingdom pull this kind of shit in someone else’s territory then that’s as good as a declaration of war

    I know Heal’s a pacifist but damn I hope he will erase some of their cities as a payback for this

  6. What do you expect? This is happy-go-lucky novel. There is no bloodbath here. I bet his shitty brother still alive after this, and MC will kindly send him back to sanfaris.

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