Makai Hongi – 61

Chapter 61


I looked up at the sky.

It was dark and gloomy, as if it was a reflection of my heart.

When my eyes returned to the ground, there were three vampire men in front of me. I could sense their rage.

This place really was like the end of the world.

And once again, people wanted to pick a fight with me.

I guess I was pretty popular.

This was General Farneze’s town, Estarbia.

I had only just arrived a moment ago. And now look at what’s happened.


As for the men who wanted to murder me, they were some ruffian Vampires.

Their deadly claws were extended, and they silently closed in.

As they were already poised to fight, there was no point in trying to talk to them.

In the first place, ‘talking’ had never really been an effective way of getting out of trouble in the Demon World.

Obviously, Vampires were one of the advanced races.

Even the average one was much stronger than me.

And these were a little above average.

“I have no choice.”

I had only approached them in order to ask where General Farneze’s mansion was. And they immediately saw me as a suspicious figure. And before I knew it, they were trying to kill me.

Well…it was possible that I had been a little rude in the way that I asked them.

Still, if that led to attempted murder, then surely they were in the wrong. Maybe.

Now, if I wanted them to listen to me, there was no way to do it other than making them completely powerless.

Thankfully, there were three of them. In other words, I would be able to ‘fail’ twice.

One of them rushed forward, ready to strike with his claws. I immediately countered with my leg.


While I had a club on my back, there was no time to reach for it.

And so this was the right way to intercept him.

And since I aimed for his center, my foot went right into the pit of his stomach.

His forward momentum and my much heavier weight meant that he went flying beautifully into the air.

But there was no time to be relieved. The other two came forward from both sides.

They were more coordinated than I had been expecting. Surprising, given they were just ruffians.

If this is what they were like now, they would be pretty strong if they became soldiers.

I almost wanted to show them to the meathead ogres.

(One is coming with claws, the other with fangs.)

Perhaps they didn’t carry weapons when in town. Either that or they were very confident in their natural weapons.

Their mana level greatly exceeded mine. But it was obvious that they were resting on their laurels, and hadn’t put any effort into training.

I hit the back of its knee with a low kick, and swiped my foot from the other side when it lost its balance.

The result? He sat on his knees very neatly.

The other was charging at me, and so I grabbed his thumb and broke it.

Then I took him by the ear so he faced me, making it easier for me to crush his eyes.


It was just some fingers into his eyes. He wouldn’t be permanently blind, anyway.

As he was blindly thrashing around now, I dodged his arms and rammed my elbow into his head.

And while most of my weight was behind the blow, he remained quite conscious.

“…You’re a sturdy one.”

There was a big difference in size between them and us ogres.

But even my elbow drop was not enough to knock him out.

“Bodies that have been strengthened with that much mana are difficult to deal with.”


Makai Hongi

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