Makai Hongi – 61


I had to use enough strength to crush an ogre’s neck. And do it three times before the enemy stopped moving. He was finally unconscious.

In the meantime, the guy I had kicked into the air and the guy who fell into a sitting position had now returned.

However, they were now wary enough that they were just watching me.

But it was obvious that they were angry to have been beaten by a lower race who had less mana than them.

“You’re all idiots.”

I didn’t like that they were staring at the weapon on my back and refusing to come any closer.

And so I slowly pulled out the club.

If they had time to hesitate like this, they should have just run away.

They weren’t soldiers, just ordinary vampires. And yet it had been hard to knock them out.

However, what would happen when an ogre hit them with an iron club?

I decided to put it to the test.

“…This is the place.”

Said the vampire with the puffed up face. He was dragging his leg and there were tears in his eyes as he pointed to a great mansion.

After my gentle ‘discussion’ with them, they had humbly escorted me to the General’s house.

“…Alright, you can go now.”

The three vampires bowed and then left.

I doubted that I would ever see them again. But if we did, they would definitely run away.

While the mansion was big, the garden was even bigger. I wasn’t sure if I would even be heard if I shouted from where I stood…

“Am I supposed to ring this thing?”

There was an arch above the gate, and a giant bell hung from it.

It wasn’t an alarm bell. More like a church bell, perhaps.

And so I hit it with my club as hard as I could.

—Garraaan, gorooooon, garraaan…

The ringing of the giant bell echoed throughout the entire town.

Huh? Was I not supposed to do that?

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  1. I wonder: is he behaving like an elephant in a porcelain shop because he’s persuaded that this is how ogres are supposed to behave, or is he just really like that naturally, without that he realizes it?

    • I’ve honestly been suspecting it’s both. We’re privy to his inner thoughts so we’re almost tricked into believing he’s pretty smart, but he almost always ends up acting like a big dumb brute despite it all.

    • Basically it seems he learned his lesson too well and took it to heart that strength is all that matters in the demon world. Now he overanalyzes things thinking about what the hyper-aggressive demons and monsters would do in a situation and does that.

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