Makai Hongi – 62


The General met with me, while she sent her underlings to Nehyor, eh?

I felt a little intimidated, given I was much lower than him.

“As if I would allow anyone else to open the treasure room in my own mansion.”

Indeed. It would be quite a problem if others were allowed to go in and out as they pleased.

“What do you think of the town?”

She asked casually.

I suppose she had nothing else to do as we walked to the treasure room.

As for me, I was sweating a cold sweat.

“It’s a nice place. The residents are mild-mannered.”

“Yes, that’s true. After all, we Vampires are among the lowest of the advanced races. We do not like to do things that are unnecessary.”

Sweat poured from my forehead as she spoke.

“Are there that many Vampires here?”

“No, not even half the population. There are many Lycanthropes and Loup-garous. Also, a small group of Upir also live here.”

Lycanthropes were similar to Werewolves, but there was a bit of the mountain dog in them as well.

As for Loup-garous, they were also Werewolves, but they were more like black dogs.

I had never heard of the Upir.

“Forgive my ignorance, but what are the Upir?”

“You can think of them as low ranking Vampires. They have little mana, and almost no special abilities.”

She sounded a little uncomfortable.

Perhaps they were more like ghosts.

They also had very little in the way of special abilities.

General Farneze’s mansion had three stories, and the treasure room was at the top.

I had expected it to be underground.

We walked through halls and up two flights of steps.

Just when we should have been close to the treasure room…

—Garaaaan, goroooon, garraaaa…

The sound of the warning bell from earlier began to ring.

“A mistake? Or is this an exercise?”

But I doubted there were others who would ring it like I did.

“No…this one is coming from the tower facing Tralzard.”

The General was able to tell from the way that it echoed.

“Tralzard… Is the Demon King attacking us?”

However, the General did not answer.

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    • Well perhaps the enemy was planning a surprise attack and thought from the ringing bell that they had been discovered so they abandoned secrecy. Now that they have abandoned secrecy the real bell is rung and we need to end the order that it was a fake.

      or at least that is my theory (which will presumably be disproven next chapter [as I have a terrible track record of predicting things])

  1. Welp the enemy has horrible luck. The warning bell got rung before they even reached their destination. Anyways since probably not a lot of time has passed, the people sent to tell the public the first bell was a false alarm probably haven’t even had time yet to tell anybody.

    Anyways time to test his new sword and impress the general vampire waifu.

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