Makai Hongi – 314

Chapter 314

I had defeated two of Yamato’s men.
However, there were still others.
But perhaps they were weaker than the first two, as they just glared, and would not attack.

On closer inspection, they seemed bewildered.
It was no wonder. They thought that people with more mana were always stronger.

And so they could not believe the outcome they had just witnessed.

“Who’s next? Hurry up and decide.”
While they were gnashing their teeth with hatred, still, no one attacked.

“I don’t mind if you wish to go against me. Residents of the Demon World are just like that. I understand. However, I’m going to ask you this again. Why do you want to destroy the barrier? Do you want a great war that will involve humans?”

Yamato alone was calm.
Even though two of his men were dead, his voice was steady and without emotion.

“No, let me ask you. Why do you choose to twist natural instincts and insist on co-existence? If you give the order, they will gladly march into the path of ruin.”
That was strange to me.

Even now, large scale wars were occurring across the Demon World. Many were fighting and dying.
So even if some had been left in the Human World, I didn’t see the point of avoiding fighting completely.

“I thought about it when making this Other World. Once a new generation was born, there would eventually be no one who remembered the Demon World.”

“Ahh… Yes, this place must be filled with those who have never seen the Demon World.”
Now that I thought about it, the Demon World had never been discussed in conversation, unless I brought it up.
Perhaps there really isn’t anyone alive who knows about it. Aside from Yamato.

“When they descend to the Human World, the humans will wonder. ‘The Other World that they live in must be somewhere close.’ And they won’t have to learn about Zeus’s barrier of the Demon World. And if they don’t know about the Demon World, then they won’t try to go there. Their attention would be focused entirely on the Other World.”

Yamato intended on sending just a small portion of the Other World residents out before he died.
And then the humans would start to search for the Other World.

Or course, as the Other World would be destroyed when Yamato died, all of their research would be for nothing.
What did it matter if they studied something that would no longer exist? As long as they didn’t find out about the Demon World. That was what he was thinking.

“I also conducted bloodline experiments. But only half of them succeeded.”

“Would you understand if I said that the Personifications have multiple purposes?”
They had been made by the residents of the Celestial World.

And they were used to lead the humans in order to gain their power. The human power from their faith.

To put it simply, the great figures of religion.
The Celestials used the Personifications, worked miracles, and gathered faith.
And they observed the humans at the same time.

And then there was the other reason. It was to give birth to humans who had characteristics from the Celestials.
People who were born saints.

After Zeus had made the barrier, Yamato gathered all of the Personifications around the world and brought them back to the Other World.

Yamato and the other high-rankers had entered the vessels and gone to the Human World.
They spread doubt and slandered the Celestial World.

Sometimes, they would take down religious leaders, and other times they would cause the humans to fight amongst each other.
They were no different from some evil shadow organization.

And just like the Celestials had done, they created super humans who had characteristics from the Demon World.
“Perhaps there were some near you. Perhaps you are one of them.”

Yamato said that when I was a human, I may have had Demon World blood from many generations ago.
However, this had all happened so far in the past, that even Yamato did not remember the details.

And of course, there were no humans alive from that time, so there would be no way to confirm it.
I see. So there is a possibility that I had inherited traits from Yamato or the other high-ranking races.

It did seem likely that the dojo master and my unknown father had inherited them.
They were kind of strange, after all.

And since such people had an affinity with residents of the Demon World, they were more likely to be friendly and accept them.

Yamato really had been preparing things for a long time.
As for using the Personifications to slander the Celestials.
I suppose it worked.

After all, they had turned Enra into Yama, and made people think of hell.

And now there were more people who had characteristics from the Demon World.
For hundreds of years, little by little, the blood was passed down. Who knew how many there were?

And then there was the modification of the combat races.
Now that most of them didn’t know about the Demon World, not fighting was considered the right thing to do.
Obviously, I disagreed, but if it came down to which would be better received if they went to the Human World, it would be the modified ones.

After that, he just needed to slowly send the peaceful ones down to the Human World and his plan would be complete.
Something like that.

Yamato had prepared all of this so that they could live with the humans after his death.
Things really were different for people who had too much time.

And he had taken so many careful steps to get to this point.
While I didn’t agree with him, I had to admit that some of it did make sense.

“There’s one thing I wanted to ask. Did you go to the Demon World recently?”
“Hmm? How did you know?”

“You look like him. A man that I met, who called himself ‘Yamato.’”

It was mostly his air and the way he talked.
As it was when I was very young, it would be over ten years ago.

Which would be recent for him.
The person that I met when I was dying in the Demon World.

Was that really Yamato?
If it was, what was he doing in the Demon World at that time?

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