Shatei Kyokufuri – 16

Data.14 – Old bowman, Strengthening Plan


It was the next morning after the battle royale, and of course, I logged into NSO again.

Now that I thought back on it, I had really become so passionate, just like the protagonist in a comic book.

But after a good night’s sleep, I was cool-headed again.

There was still anger about losing, but there were also several things I now understood after giving it some thought.

The first, was that I wasn’t on the wrong path.

I was able to get the most kills due to my ability to attack from a great distance.

I had only lost because I allowed the enemy to get too close to me.

These two did not contradict each other.

It wasn’t as if my playstyle had proven to be ineffective.

If anything, you might say this defeat only further proved how correct I had been.

Increase my range so that I can attack without worrying about counterattacks.

It was with this rationale that I would continue to train today.

“So, I guess I should use those NSO medals that I acquired.”

These NSO medals could be exchanged for all kinds of things in the shop.

Not only were there skills and equipment, but cosmetic items and rare skins as well.

In my case, I wanted to pursue strength over appearances, and so I would choose skills and equipment.

…But when I actually arrived at the shop, it turned out that choosing things to trade in was quite difficult.

I was the type who wanted to keep rare items.

Even if there was little point in keeping them, knowing that I wouldn’t get any more made me save them until the very end.

I would have more opportunities to win NSO medals in other events, but they were still very difficult to get.

As for the rate, it was about 50 medals per skill.

And so even though I had 200 of them, I couldn’t just use them without thinking.

Hmm. This was very difficult indeed…

Perhaps it would be better to wait.

It was as I was thinking this while scrolling through the catalogue. I suddenly saw an amazing skill at the bottom.

“Can I have this skill and this skill?”

It was a good thing that I had gone through the entire list.

There were two skills that I decided on immediately.

And even losing 100 medals was not going to make me feel regret.

It was perfect.

The next thing I needed to strengthen was equipment.

In the last event, I had prioritized comfort, and so went out to fight in my beginner equipment.

However, there was no way that I could continue to do this.

It would be best to get some new equipment early on, and get used to wearing it.

And so I had hoped to use the remaining 100 medals to get new equipment, but it was not enough to get a whole set.

Even if I kept using the gorilla fists for my arms, there was still my ‘head,’ ‘body,’ ‘legs,’ and ‘feet.’ And there were 3 slots for accessories.

It seemed like it would be a better idea to save the medals and get my equipment somewhere else.

Somewhere else… In other words, searching the field based on information found on the net.

It wasn’t that I was relying on guides, but I just happened to have stumbled upon it.

Last night, even after logging out, I lay in bed and read about NSO.

I was mainly reading comments related to the battle royale. And it was then that I saw something about being able to acquire equipment if you went to a certain area of the map.

Apparently, this was something discovered recently, and I wasn’t sure if it was even true.

Still, it was the kind of thing that you wanted to put to the test. It reminded me of being a kid and hearing my friends talk about hidden tricks within games.

I had the time, so it was worth trying.

If it turned out that I was fooled, I would have a good laugh and a fond memory.

And so I decided to go to the spot that had been pointed out.

 ◆ ◆ ◆

“It should be around here… But I don’t see anything that sticks out.”

I was in a fairly dark mountain area.

All the monsters that came out were easy enough to kill.

So at least this wasn’t some kind of trap to lure in beginners.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Isn’t that just a good farming spot?
    All you need is to just keep firing AOE skills and it’s all over. Especially the Mages. They will dance in happiness knowing this.

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