Shatei Kyokufuri – 16


Hmmm. While there were no traps, it didn’t feel like I was going to find any equipment either.

If only there was some kind of mystical monument or shrine nearby…

Maybe it was a false rumor after all?


“Huh? Aaaaahhhh!!!”

A-a pitfall!?

It had been covered in leaves so that I didn’t see it!

But what if this was where the equipment was hidden…


I looked down in horror.

The fear was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even utter a sound.

Large bugs…were swarming there. Waiting for me.

What would happen next…I stopped myself from imagining it.

All emotion was pushed aside as I pointed my bow upwards and fired.

Kiriririri…shu! Thud!

It went into the branch of the tree above me.

And then I warped to where the arrow had landed.

And with great desperation, clutched onto the branch.

Somehow, I managed to hold on without falling back into the pit…

It was a good thing I had traded in those medals.

This was ‘Warp Arrow’…

[Warp Arrow]

Teleports the player to where the arrow landed.

It was a convenient skill for long distance travel or escape.

I knew that I needed it as soon as I laid eyes on it.

I would be able to use it to escape even if the enemy got close.

Still, it was one thing for the information to be fake, but did it have to be this nasty!?

This pitfall was likely naturally made. And someone must have been unlucky enough to fall in and be killed by the bugs.

And to be honest, I could understand the desire to have people share in the pain.

But you still shouldn’t do it!

Had I not been able to escape, I might have been so traumatized that I ended the game with an early retirement…!

Yes, the idea of being killed by a powerful monster because you were gullible enough to believe a rumor was pretty funny.

But being eaten to death by bugs was crossing the line of good humor.

And since I was an adult with morales, I decided that I couldn’t leave them here.

Even though I didn’t want to look at them, I would kill all of the bugs in the pit.

And then it will just be an ordinary hole.

“Besides, I have just the right skill for the job… Burning Arrow!”

An arrow that was enveloped in fire shot into the pit and exploded.

Just like ‘Warp Arrow,’ this was a skill I had acquired with the medals.

[Burning Arrow]

Unleashes a fiery arrow that causes a small explosion during impact.

Ordinary arrows only made small wounds even when they hit.

So you had to aim for the head or chest if you wanted to deal great damage.

But this skill would cover those weaknesses.

The small explosion would increase the damage. And even if you missed, the explosive winds would cause some damage to your target.

Furthermore, the area of effect was quite large, which made it perfect for attacking groups of monsters like these bugs.

Especially because it used fire. There were a lot of monsters who were weak to fire.

For instance…these ones.

“Burning Arrow!”

Kiririri…shubo! Boom!

The bottom of the pit was filled with flames.

It was too disgusting to really look at, but I could see that it was burning up well.

I wouldn’t let a single one of them get away!

“Burning Arrow! Burning Arrow! Burning Arrow!”

Kiririri…shubo! Shubo! Shubo!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

I continued to shoot arrow after arrow while also using MP recovery items. And in the end, there was nothing left inside of the pit.

The dead monsters turned into light and disappeared. I was never more grateful for that system.

The last thing I needed was to see their charred carcasses.

I apologize to all the bug lovers out there, but I believe that I did the right thing.

Yes, I felt like a man who had done his job to the fullest. It felt good.

It was a feeling I rarely felt back at the company I used to work at.

“Well, now that that’s done, I should head back.”

That being said, the monsters might just respawn after some time had passed.

I didn’t have any social media accounts, but should I try and spread the word that this was a trap?

It would mean fewer traumatized people…

‘Your job level has reached its max.’


‘It’s now possible to change to a second class.’

The voice rang in my head.

When I checked my status, I did see that ‘Archer’ had reached level 20, which was the maximum level.

Had I really killed that many bugs?

Management really needs to practice some self-control there…

They should update it before the backlash begins.

“Well, I didn’t expect to gain so much experience like this, but…”

Fortune among misfortune, or just a lucky break…

In any case, it seemed like good deeds were actually rewarded.

Yes, I would open the door to the second job.

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