Makai Hongi – 169

Chapter 169

The way that the Pain Serpent was thrashing about was abnormal.
Even now, it snatched a soldier off the ground and threw him into the air.

“It doesn’t even care who it’s attacking. Is this how Demon Kings fight?”
Apparently, a little friendly fire here and there was hardly noteworthy.

When Demon Kings clashed, several people that were in the Lesser Demon King class were expected to die.
While Lesser Demon Kings were usually good at defending themselves, it didn’t mean as much when there were several other fierce warriors in the same class.

It would be like if a Lesser Demon King were surrounded by multiple General Farnezes.
In other words, the attackers were also incredibly strong, and even a Lesser Demon King would not get out unscathed.

“We go too! Follow me!”

General Miralda charged into the thick of battle.
It seemed like an act of suicide. Brave, but for nothing.

However, both the General and her close guards were far from average.
There was a crash that shook the earth, and then many of the enemy soldiers…no pieces of the enemy soldiers went flying into the air.

Saifo said in astonishment as he stood next to me. That was Saifo. He didn’t really know how to describe that insane charge other than by saying, ‘woah.’
After all, if we Ogres had been there, we would have been flattened in a second.

“Some people mistake the General for an intellectual. But this is her true nature.”
Dyle said. Beka couldn’t hide her surprise as she muttered, ‘ahhh…’ dumbly.

The enemy was attacking with pure might. And so she met them with pure might and broke through.

“The General is already that deep in…”

The Pain Serpent had been moving around so wildly, but we could no longer see it among the rabble.
Perhaps it had fallen down and been crushed. I imagined it being covered in footprints.

“Well, it’s even more important that we protect the rear now. And stay alert of your surroundings.”
I nodded at Dyle’s words. We weren’t here just to spectate.

We were supposed to guard the rear.
“…But, uh, won’t it be bad if we’re this far from the main army?”

We weren’t even a thousand in total.
And this independent corps was likely the weakest of all.

“The Meida are flying around in the area, so there shouldn’t be any ambushes.”

The Meida were snake-like creatures that had four wings.
They were quite small and agile, which made them good for scouting and reconnaissance.

“I understand. We will stay on our guard. …Speaking of which, what race are those large enemy soldiers to the back of the battlefield?”

They looked very strong, but I didn’t recognize them.
Their bodies were enveloped in something that looked like sand.

“Those are Evil Djinn. They have more attributes than others of their kind. The main body is inside, and it’s difficult for attacks to get through.”

“So those are Evil Djinns. I’ve never seen one before.”

As they were Djinns, their bodies were made of mana, and their main body was something like a stick.

But even the body of mana was surrounded by something like a sandstorm, which made it clear that these would be very difficult to fight.

“You have to attack the main body directly in order to do any damage. So the problem is how you can get through their two layers of defenses. Of course, we don’t really have a chance.”

General Miralda’s close guards, the Bì’àn, suddenly struck out all at once.
They tore through the thick and deep enemy formation as if a dagger piercing through flesh.

The Bì’àn were dragons with a single horn.
Their bodies were not particularly large, but they were so wild, that I had heard that they often needed to be restrained with chains.

In fact, I had seen a Bì’àn once who had been wrapped around with chains so tightly that it couldn’t move.

But these dragons loved to fight…perhaps a little too much.

Their momentum was frightful as they continued to carve grooves through the enemy.
“If this continues, they might erase our disadvantage with numbers.”

“Perhaps. But things are rarely so simple when fighting against a Demon King’s army. They almost always have a few secret units. And they use them when they will be the most effective.”

Thanks to the Bì’àn, there were now tears in the enemy formation.
However, it also stretched our own battleline. And the enemy began to attack that opening.

“They are…fast!”
I saw a group of soldiers dashing through the gaps of the chaotic battlefield.

It was hard to believe it was even possible. That’s how agile they looked as they advanced between the soldiers.
With such skill, they could probably move freely through the busiest scramble crossings

“Twin Beasts. It’ll be over if they bite you from the side.”

Dyle looked worried. I saw one bite into one of our men, and he immediately stopped moving.

It looked like a two-headed beastman.
Like a werewolf that had both the head of a hyena and a wolf.
Perhaps it was because it had two heads, but the Twin Beasts had a unique way of fighting.

Even as one of the heads bit you, the other head was looking around.
They were like a wild werewolf that could see in every direction at once.

Once the Twin Beasts joined, the battleline fell into a deadlock for a while. But then General Miralda stepped forward and the tide began to shift again.
“It seems…they intend to run through.”

They would break the enemy army in half before they could be surrounded.
Following the Bì’àns, Miralda’s other soldiers invaded the depths of the enemy formation.

It seemed like the enemy had no way to stop them.
Gradually, they began to separate into two sides. The front of Miralda’s charge, which was where the fighting had been the most fierce, was nearly at the exit.

After a moment, I heard a shout. The General had broken through the enemy formation.
In other words…

“We’ve been left behind?”
Our job was to protect the rear.

But now we were left alone.
We could either advance and launch a pincer attack or stay here. Or…

“It just gets worse.”

Dyle received a report from a Meida.
The enemy in the forest was now moving towards us.

“In other words, this place will become a battlefield too?”
“Yes. We might even be attacked from both sides.”

Miralda’s main army was now on the other side of the enemy formation.
And since we had been left behind, we would have to deal with any attacks by ourselves.

“Uhh…I guess we’re in a desperate situation with no escape?”
“Who knows.”

That was all that Dyle would say.

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