Makai Hongi – 75

Chapter 75

Miralda had given us a day.
The secret agreement would be finalized tomorrow. And so I looked back on everything that had been discussed.

Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country was to stop Leninoth or Fara’s ambitions.
Of course, this ambition meant the swallowing up of the surrounding countries and rising to rank of Demon King.

In exchange for doing this, Demon King Tralzard would send out their soldiers to the borders in order to keep surrounding countries in check.
That’s how it was.

They had accepted our demand. You could say that it was a great success.
And judging by Miralda’s attitude, she did not seem particularly resentful about it.

It also didn’t seem like she intended to trick us. And I felt that as long as we kept our side of the bargain, they would do the same.

Besides, this demand—of crushing the possibility of Leninoth or Fara dominance…
It matched what we wanted as well.

In other words, we had always been going in that direction. So it would be easy for the other Generals to agree to it.
And we even got a little help in the process.

Normally, this would be a matter for great congratulations.
However, I was in a dark mood. I felt depressed.

This was all because of the former Corps Commander.

As there was no way to hide it, it must be made public. And worse, we had found out about his past, and how much of a threat he was.

If people were sent after him, they would likely be annihilated.
It would just be a double humiliation.

“This problem gives me a headache, but it can’t be pushed aside.”

As for me, I kind of wanted the General to take responsibility and go deal with it.
However, it might be too dangerous for her to go alone.

Still, she couldn’t take an army either. If he really had crossed the border, it could result in a war with that country.

“I heard that you were calling for me, and so I came.”
Said Felicia.

Felicia was in charge of strategic planning. A person of great mystery. I didn’t even know what race she was.

“Felicia. This is a matter of great urgency. Corps Commander Nehyor has betrayed us.”
Even she was surprised by this.

“And so everyone who served under him is now cut off from control.”
“Yes, I can see that Golan does not belong to any army now.”

Yes, I was currently free.
Unfortunately, people like me, who were not under anyone’s control, stuck out like a sore thumb in the Demon World.

“You’re not going to like this, Felicia. But I need you to take Nehyor’s place.”
“You want me to be a Corps Commander… Are you certain?”

“You are strong enough. I don’t see why not.”
“No, that is not what I am worried about.”

“You mean going public? It’s an emergency. Considering the future, it would be best to do it now.”

What were they talking about? I was confused.

It was like Felicia and General Farneze were synced together when they talked.
There was no room for me to enter. I could not interrupt them.

“Well then, I will accept the position. …And the first thing I’ll do is put Golan under my control. Prepare yourself, Golan.”
And so I urged the orb within me as I turned towards Felicia.

A beam of light shot out of and swirled around Felicia before disappearing into her body.
Now we were connected.

“It seems to be alright.”
“Your mana has increased greatly…Golan. What does this mean?”
“Huh? I don’t know…”

“It seems different compared to when it was Guden… I didn’t expect it to increase this much.”
“Perhaps it’s because I took in the Reapers.”

“So that was you. I heard the reports. And when Lobos and the others are included…will it overflow?”

“Indeed. I think it is possible.”
“It would be best to have a few units under my command.”

“Yes, that would be safer.”
“As I will need you to go towards the castle and deal with Nehyor, I’ll be keeping Golan with me here.”

It seemed that my future was being decided, even though I was still not sure what they were talking about.
Keep me…did she mean…

“Well, then…”
After exchanging some words, General Farneze and Corps Commander Felicia made the transaction. And like that, I was sending energy to a different person.
Apparently, I was directly connected to the General now. I guess this meant that my men were also now under her control?

“Felicia. I need you to go immediately. There are four Commanders left. You’ll be able to find them if you go to the castle. If you can, continue to gather information when you are there.”

“As you wish.”
Felicia bowed gracefully and then left the room.

“So, there it is. You are no longer under Felicia. Understand?”
“To be honest, I’m rather confused.”

It seemed like I was listening to a private conversation.

“Now, we must find Nehyor’s location. As for who we can send…there are not many who could run away if it turned into a battle…”
“Uh, do you mind if I ask you something first?”

“Nehyor would be trying to get as far away as possible… But more importantly, we have to find out how many men he took with him. There may even be others who are waiting for him, given how long he seems to have been preparing. If we are not careful, the Wild Hunt might start within the country…”

“General! I have a question!”
“What? Why are you shouting all of a sudden?”

“If it’s possible…uh, I’d like you to explain.”
“Explain what?”

About Felicia, and uh, Felica. Yes, about her.

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  1. Aww. I was really expecting Golan would be made the new Corps Commander. Instead this Felicia will be the Corps Commander and technically Golan’s superior but it seems like Farneze wants to keep him to herself. I guess vampire waifu is possessive.

    Anyways now Felicia has to go gain control of the other Commanders that have had their connection cut when Nehyor rebelled. I kind of feel like Lobos will also turn traitor with Nehyor though. He was extremely loyal to him.

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