Makai Hongi – 296

Chapter 296

It would be too risky to go down into the Human World like this.
But Yamato would know a lot about both this world and the Human World.

And so I should meet him first.
Besides, if I was able to meet him, I could confirm that he really is the Lesser High King who once dominated in the Demon World.

“Alright, I’ll go and meet King Yamato then. The Field of Everlasting Spring, yes? How do I get there?”

“The Village of Everlasting Winter is a land of extreme coldness. You will not be able to pass through. And the Coast of Everlasting Summer is overrun by rebels.”

“Yes, you’ve already said that. Let’s see. I’ll go through Summer then. I’m sure that deep down, they are nice people.”
“No, I would not agree with that…”

“Like I said, I lived in the Demon World. Such mischievous people can be found everywhere. What is important is to talk. I’m sure that they will understand.”

Yes, talking.
We weren’t beasts. We always acted with reason.

“More importantly, do you have any clothes? I feel rather uncomfortable like this.”
“I’m very sorry, I didn’t even notice… Over here, we have everything that you would need when descending to the Human World.”

Speaking of which, Pojun was naked.
In the Demon World, some races wore clothes and some did not.

And there were also some inbetween, who only wore clothes based on their own personal preferences. But leaving that aside, beast and water type monsters generally did not require clothing.

This was because they had fur and scales instead.
And Pojun’s body was covered in scales.

Pojun then led me to a storage room.
The clothes were waiting in a corner.

“These look very…”
There were clothes for men and women. …And they were all very old.

Some were from the Heian period. And there were togas in the back.

“They just seem to get older. And some are from different countries… So is this the newest one?”

I took out a kimono.
It was the kind that ronins often wore in historical tv dramas.

I had seen the dojo master wear something similar.

“What do you think? Are there any that you like?”
“Why is everything here out of some period drama?”

“Oh? All of the people who went down to the Human World returned in these clothes.”

So how long ago was the last person?

“Is there a problem?”
“No, never mind. I feel like anything I say won’t matter.”

“Ah, I see.”
Even the newest one would make me stick out like a sore thumb the moment I went back to Japan.

And if the old kimono was the newest thing here, the last person might have gone down hundreds of years ago.
“Hey, I want to ask you something. Are there other places that you can reach the Human World from?”

“Yes. While I am the manager of this Sealed Tomb, there are other, similar places with people who manage the Personifications.”

He then explained that there were three other places like this one.
Perhaps it was for every season.

And so I put on the old kimono and strapped a sword around my waist.
The sword was also in the storage room.

“Well, it’s more of a katana. Just barely better than nothing.”

The Deepsea Dragon sword I had used before was stronger than Japanese swords.
Its blade was broad and thick, and I knew that it would not break no matter how hard I swung with it.

This sword I had now was about half as thick.
And it was also narrow, which worried me.

When I looked for some footwear, I could not find any shoes or boots at all.
Actually, there were some clogs, but I pretended that I hadn’t seen them.

Maybe if I wore them and kicked a ball around, I could look like a nobleman.

“Sandals, huh? I guess they will do it.”

There were a pair of sandals made of straw, and so I decided to wear them.
If I went down to the Human World like this, they would think I was on some film set.

“Are you finished changing?”
“Aye, thank you. Now I can start my journey.”

“That is good to hear. However, now that you are in this body, things will be different. You will feel much discomfort.”

“Really? It is a little odd, yes. But not that bad.”
“You cannot sense other people’s mana. Even your own will be hard to grasp.”

“Right. And what’s so bad about that?”

“…Well, you would usually determine a person’s strength by measuring their mana. Aren’t you worried that you will not be able to do it?”

Apparently, the average high-ranker became anxious about such things.
But I had always been bad with measuring a person’s mana. So it wasn’t as big a difference for me.

Besides, there had been another ‘me’ there as well. That also affected things.
So perhaps things felt more natural to me now, if anything.

“You don’t need to worry about me. More importantly, tell me the route I need to take in order to reach the Coast of Everlasting Summer.”
“Very well. I called a guide for you while you were changing.”

“That was very perceptive.”
“After all, you are heading into dangerous territory, so I thought it best that you have someone who knows the roads well.”

I was then led to a small room.
A boy was there, waiting while kneeling on one knee.

“This is Juga the Redhat. He used to live on the Coast of Everlasting Summer.”
“I am Juga. I volunteered to go as soon as I heard that you were going to battle. I am at your service.”

“Aye, it’s good to ha… Battle? …Did you say battle?”

Was it just me, or had I been misconstrued completely?

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  1. “I’m sure that deep down, they are nice people.”
    “No, I would not agree with that…”


    Yup, headed into battle… No, Golan, you’re the one misconstruing things here.

    Thank you for the chapters! These ones have been fun. I’m glad that the donations have helped you out, too.

  2. No, Golan, you’re the one misconstruing the situation if anything.

    “I’m sure that deep down, they are nice people.”
    “No, I would not agree with that…”


    Thank you so much for the chapters, they’ve been really fun. I’m glad the donations have helped you out. ^_^

  3. So since Golan met with Yamato when he was a child…doesn’t that mean that perhaps Golan died back then?
    We know Golan and Yamato met; we assumed that Yamato went to the Demon World, but it is not more likely that Golan’s body couldn’t take the souls so they ended up in The Garden and were sent back to the Demon World afterwards?

    • Melvis and Golan already speculated that Yamato can put himself into a near-death state to pass through Zeus’ barrier.

  4. Like I mentioned in the previous chapter, I’m calling it now that the old dojo master is actually a demon. Golan even mentioned that he dressed in the same type of clothes that he was given.

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