Makai Hongi – 295

Chapter 295

In order to meet Yamato, I had to leave this block and cross the blocks ruled by winter or summer.

The order was Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Or the reverse.
And so you could not go to Spring directly from Autumn.

“Just to confirm, I can reach the Field of Everlasting Spring, where Yamata is, if I go through Summer or Winter?”

“That is correct. However, I would not advise it.”

“Those who would rebel against King Yamato have gathered in the Coast of Everlasting Summer. I have heard that it is a very dangerous place. While you may have been a high-ranker, you are in a humanoid shell now. It is too dangerous.”

Why was there an anti-Yamato faction in the world that he created?
Were they children going through a rebellious phase?

“Then shouldn’t I just go through the Village of Everlasting Winter?”

“Not only is it an incredibly harsh environment, but going through it will be quite the feat in itself. This is a place where Ice Wolves freeze to death. So a Personification like you would not be able to move for very long.”

“…I see. Why was this block made to be so dangerous!”
“Well, some of the races prefer the cold.”

“But you said Ice Wolves freeze to death. Cold is an understatement. Why would he make such a place!”
“Well, there was demand.”

“…No way.”
It must have been a very small minority.

But from what I just heard, the winter block sounded like hell.
If I had to choose, it would be the summer block. But I didn’t know how dangerous this rebel force was.

“This world was made by King Yamato, right? So why is there a rebel force?”

“Yes. King Yamato is against any hostilities towards humans. However, let’s just say that the other races have their…habits. Some of them cannot help themselves from fighting. And so King Yamato does not allow them to come in contact with the humans.”

“I see. So that’s where they disagree.”
It was simple enough.

The Demon World wasn’t a peaceful place where most of the residents could live without getting into fights.
There were always people who saw chaos as a reason to live.

“There aren’t any humans here, are there?”
It was filled with mana. This wasn’t an environment that could sustain human life.

“As far as I am aware, no human has ever come to this place.”
I knew it. There were no humans in this world. Only residents of the Demon World.

“But if he can make a place like this, surely he could create an environment that humans can live in?”

“Yes, I think that it would be possible for King Yamato. However, he made this world in order to prevent the others from coming in contact with humans. And I believe he has no intention of changing that.”

So he made a place exclusively for residents of the Demon World in order to keep them away from humans.
A way to isolate us.

“How long ago was this?”
“I heard that it was a very long time ago.”

There wasn’t some problem that arose that forced him to isolate this place. It was like this from the beginning.
Yes, there must be some reason for that.

When residents of the Celestial World come down to the Demon World, their power and abilities are halved.
They needed holy power to survive. Mana was a poison to them.

The same thing would happen if we went to the Celestial World.
As for the Human World, if my speculation was right, then their atmosphere would not be poisonous for us.

But since there is no mana, our strength would diminish a little.
My guess was that residents of the Celestial World and Demon World would only be able to use about seventy percent of their power.

But while such demerits existed, I still didn’t see why he had to keep all of the residents of the Demon World isolated here.
The reason that he made this world. I felt as if the answer to that question must be hidden here somewhere.

“Yes, I really do look like a human, don’t I?”

“Of course, you do. You are a Personification. You are made to be indistinguishable from them.”
“And you said that these were made for going down to the Human World? So it’s fine if you are in this state?”

“Yes. As Personifications do not release any mana, they can exist without disturbing the humans.”
“In other words, they not only look like humans, but feel like them.”

“Exactly. On the other hand, being inside of a temporary vessel means that it’s difficult to be aware of what is happening outside of the body.”

“Outside the body… Ah, you mean looking at someone’s mana.”

“Yes. Currently, you must be finding it very difficult to get a grasp on mana. It’s because you are completely cut off from the mana outside of your body. It is fine now, as you are surrounded by it, but if you visit the Human World in this state, you will only be able to act within the constraints of that body. To put it simply, you will only be as strong as a human.”

That would be like a death blow to the high-rankers.
What battle fiend would want to go to the Human World under such conditions?

Power was everything in the Demon World. Or at least, that’s what the powerful tended to think.

“Still, does that mean it’s possible for me to go there as I am now?”
“Yes. You can reach it from this Sealed Tomb.”

Apparently, it was possible. Then why don’t I go?

“Would it be possible to return here, after I’ve had my fill of the Human World?”
“It is possible to go, but returning… The main body and the Personification is connected by the soul…”

“What do you mean?”
He explained it to me. It was rather simple, actually. Only the high-rankers could use these bodies.

Normally, it was difficult to move a soul into a vessel.
A weak soul would get damaged or degrade once in the Personification.

And so even after the soul was moved, you would not be safe.
As had just been said, the bodies did not release any mana.

I was so accustomed to using mana to determine things about my surroundings, and so it would be very confusing.

And these bodies were difficult to use. All the high-rankers felt this.
And that was the biggest problem.

If you descended into the Human World like this, you would not be able to use mana or any of your special abilities.
Your physical strength was that of the Personification—the exact same as the average human.

The stronger you were in the Demon World, the more troublesome this would be.
Apparently, there were a few who went down to the Human World anyway, but they always returned immediately.

It was no wonder.

As for how they were able to return.
Their souls were pulled by their bodies, leading them back to this world.

That table that I was lying on when I woke up.
That was where the body lay while the soul was inside of the Personification.

During that time, it would not degrade.

As long as the body was there, the soul would try to return to it. That allowed people to return from the Human World.

“But you’re saying that it’s not possible in my case?”

My body was in the Demon World. It was also dead.
If I had nowhere to return, I would have to stay in the Human World.

“And so, I think that it would be wise for you to reconsider a trip to the Human World.”

It would be no good if I went down there if I couldn’t come back.
After all, I wasn’t even registered.

I would probably resort to crime before much time had passed, and then be arrested and spend the rest of my life in prison.

“I would rather meet King Yamato than go to the Human World.”
Yes, that was the first thing to do.

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    • His mom is the only relative he knows and she had already passed away a long time ago. As for friends I think the closest person that can be called that was the dojo master which now that they brought up that Personifications can travel to the Human World means it’s likely that he might actually be a high ranking demon who went to visit the Human World. It’d explain why he came up with all those ridiculous moves that shouldn’t be possible to perform as a human.

  1. Well, the current date of the human world is not known anyway so it is not known if his family and friends are even alive.
    I still want him to return to the demon world >:’v
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. There’s a rebellion? I bet Golan will nonchalantly put it down in passing by accident as he makes his way to Yamato.

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