Makai Hongi – 78

Chapter 78

Unsurprisingly, the village was in an uproar when I returned.

As everyone had been cut off from Nehyor’s mana flow, they were also removed from Melvis’s control.

And while I knew the reason for this, those in the village had no idea what was going on.
“Did Melvis die?”
It was either that or rumors of my death. These rumors eventually resulted in people claiming that I had started a rebellion.

“I always thought Golan would do it.”

Said the idiot brother.
I made sure to jab him and dislocate his arm after that.

And since I was the only one who could put it back, I decided to leave him until he came crying to me.

“…So, former Corps Commander Nehyor has defected. Anyone who is seen to help him will be treated as a traitor from now on. Furthermore, if anyone has any information, you would do well to speak up quickly.”

While it had not been that much time since it happened, Rig had gone to Nehyor’s town and acquired information.
He was a very capable adjutant.

And so the village had regained a little of its composure by the time I returned. However, because Saifo just had to start spreading rumors, the others had begun to suspect that I was part of Nehyor’s rebellion.

After carefully explaining things to them, I sent Kobolds out to the other villages.
That should bring this chaos to an end. Maybe…

The part that was the hardest to explain was how this affected us all.
I told them that Felicia was the new Corps Commander.

They seemed to understand when I told them that she originally worked under General Farneze.
However, I told them that we would not be under her command. ‘Oh, so you are rebelling after all?’ someone asked. And so I punched him.
Did they really think that I was such an anarchist?

I didn’t feel like telling them every little detail, so I just said that we would be working for the General directly.
There were two different reactions when I said this.

Rig and Painy were very shocked.

An army that was directly under the General’s command would have to be outstanding.
Of course, we weren’t. But I couldn’t tell them that this was just a move to protect Felicia.

“We will likely participate as a reserve corps from now on.”
The General had said as much.

It was too late to integrate us with her other armies. So we would only be used when necessary.

“That is such a wonderful thing.”
Painy said with much emotion.

“If you are the chief of a reserve army, that means you are just as powerful as a Corps Commander.”
“Oh, really?”
The General hadn’t said anything about that.

“Usually the General’s main army only moves during a final, decisive battle. In such times, units directly under her command will have the most important roles. In other words, you will be part of the army that attacks the enemy leader. As the Chief commanding a part of that army, you will be expected to do much more than before.”

“Uh, I think you’re exaggerating a little…”

Painy was clearly thinking about it very seriously. However, I knew that the General did not put me in this position because she had high expectations for me.
She just didn’t want Felicia to attract too much attention. That was all.

“Still… Does this mean that if something were to happen to the village, the General would protect us?”
“Is that true?”
“Of course, not.”

This was the other reaction.
Up until now, I could go directly to the Corps Commander and make an appeal if there was a problem.

Like how the village would make a request to me, and I would go out in order to solve it.
It was similar to that, but on a larger scale.

But how would things work now that I was directly under the General?
What if there were problems where I couldn’t make a decision, or it was too much for me to handle?

I was sure that there would be all kinds of problems in the future.
Previously, I just had to go to the Corps Commander. Did that mean I had to go to the General now?

Would the General even help with the village’s problems? …It was hard to imagine.

“I think that some other Corps Commander will deal with it. Either that or one of the General’s subordinates will take pity on us.”
But I really didn’t know.

I suppose we’d find out when the time came.
Well…surely she wouldn’t just ignore us… I’d like to think so.

And so I finished explaining everything, and things returned to normal in the village.

But it wasn’t long before my hopes for some peace and quiet were dashed.
Saifo came up to me.

“Hey, Golan. What happened anyway? About that tribe that doesn’t belong to anyone?”

“Oh, I forgot about that.”
Yes, it really had escaped my mind.

Now that I thought about it, Saifo had brought that matter to me.
However, I had pushed it aside after being summoned to the castle.

My assumption had been that I would return immediately, but then I was forced to go to the General’s town in order to pick up my reward. Then I became involved in strange meetings and negotiations. And I had forgotten the whole thing.

“I’ll go and investigate it tomorrow.”

It was a hassle, but that couldn’t be helped.
This was my job as the Commander… No, I wasn’t even the Commander anymore.

What would I be called now?

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  1. It was kinda funny how they all just assumed that Golan rebelled. Anyways so it turns out Golan has authority equal to a Corps Commander. I think Farneze made him work under her knowing that and she probably thinks he is worthy for that position.

    Ah even I forgot about the tribe that was under no one’s control.

  2. I just read from the beginning. I really like this! I had a little trouble getting into it at first but after a couple chapters it was smooth binging. Thanks for all your hard work!

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