Cave King – 140

Chapter 140 – There was a giant building?!

A few days had now passed since my father and brother left.
I was digging away in the caves.

Of course, this was after I took care of everything that was important.

First, there was Lopez.

According to Elto, Lopez was a special monster that could become a Demon King.

Demon Kings were able to make other monsters their thralls. It was similar to the taming skill that some humans had. Not only that, Lopez would eventually grow to be able to use an immense amount of power. Just as powerful as he had been when Oren brought him back with Necromancy.

And it was because he was such a monster, that Elto wanted to educate Lopez in a way that was befitting of a Demon King. Of course, she also said she wanted him to be raised to be gentle, so that he could live happily with the other residents of the island.

I had already left the raising of Fal the Fire Dragon to her, and so I decided to let Elto take care of Lopez as well.

Then there was the underground city.
According to Shiel, there were a lot of houses down there that would be comfortable to live in. This was because the slimes had kept the place clean. There was still a usable water system as well. And I thought it might be useful if our population continued to increase.

However, just as before, the place was crawling with Chimeras. And it was hardly an environment that you could call safe. And so I had Aries and the Cave Spiders capture them little by little, and then I tamed them.


And so it was after dealing with all of that, that I found myself digging here.

The imperials that had been slimes had now gone to the surface, and so we were currently expanding in terms of buildings, farmlands and reclaimed ground. Baris was very reliable in giving out orders, and so there was no reason for me to interfere.

…It had been a while since I was able to focus on digging like this.

I was currently near the underground lake where Elto had been sealed away.
Here, I had seen a very curious glowing stone that glimmered in seven different colors. Even Shiel and the people of the old empire did not know about it.

Over the last few days, I had been digging a tunnel to this cave from the underground city. All the while, Mappa extended his railroad as he followed behind.

As we now had a lot of Teleportation stones, it might not have been necessary. But there was always a possibility that something could happen to make them unusable. And so this was mostly in case of an emergency.

Today, I was with Shiel, Taran, Fule, and Number 15. Borthion and the other dolls were also close by and keeping watch.

Amidst all of this, Fule was looking at the walls as her eyes lit up. Here, there were numerous stones that shone like rainbows.

“I’ve never seen anything like it… Let’s get them all!”
“There’s no need to rush. They’re not going to run away.”

I wanted to start digging immediately as well.

However, safety was more important than anything.
And so I made sure that there was no suspicious magic in the area.

“Nothing on the right…or the left… Well, I’ll be the first then!”

Before the others could do anything, I swung down with my pickaxe.

“Hey, Lord Heal! That’s not fair!”

Fule and Taran rushed forward and swung their own pickaxes.

The wall in front of us then crumbled away.
And the broken rocks were sucked into my Inventory.

When I checked the Inventory, I saw that I now had a lot of stones called ‘Septium.’
So, that’s what these rainbow-colored stones were.

Fule picked up a fragment of the Septium and asked me,

“It’s so pretty… But what is it?”
“It’s called Septium. According to the Encyclopedia, it’s just a precious stone.”

Just a precious stone. Fule looked very disappointed.
Well, considering the kind of things we had dug up in the past, perhaps it did sound too ordinary…

Still, this stone was not known to the people on the continent. And I was sure that it would be very valuable.

“It might be good for making rings. Anyway, maybe we’ll find something else if we keep digging.”

After that, we continued to dig until evening. Towards the north.

However, we got nothing but rocks and more Septium. There was nothing else that was new.

Even so, I was satisfied. It was fun.
If anything, I hoped that these peaceful days could just continue… It was with such thoughts that we returned to the surface.

“I wonder what’s for dinner.”

I muttered while looking at the World Tree.

However, Fule was looking in the opposite direction with a shocked expression.

“Lo-Lord Heal. That…”
“What is it, Fule? Huh!?”

As we exited the cave, I saw that there was now a huge building in front of the entrance.

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  1. They be building very fast now. I wonder if it’s because they got more magic users on the surface, or just got better in general.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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