My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 70

The monster we saved was on the verge of death

While I was wondering what was wrong with Leo, Ms. Claire was more concerned about the fenrir that was supposed to have been attacked.
Well, I suppose I was the only one who would think it was strange that Leo was just sitting there without moving.
But after Ms. Claire and I called to her, Leo barked weakly and then rubbed her nose against the ground, which had been drenched in red.
…No…that wasn’t the ground…there was something there.

“Leo…is that the fenrir…?”
“The fenrir…”
“So there really are fenrirs in this forest.”

What Leo was rubbing her nose against was a living creature that was a mixture of brown and red.
And it looked similar to Leo. Like it was a dog or a wolf.
However, it was no larger than a medium-sized dog, which seemed very small compared to the silvery Leo who sat behind it.
But now that I thought about it, fenrirs were supposed to be considerably smaller than Silver Fenrirs.
Leo would occasionally glance at us and then continue to rub her nose against the fenrir.

“What is it…Leo?”

Leo barked despondently.

“May I take a closer look?”

Sebastian squinted his eyes and moved closer to Leo.
At the same time, I moved to stand next to Leo.
And then Ms. Claire followed to stand next to me.

“…These are…terrible wounds…”
“I had thought that the fur was brown, but…”
“How horrible…”

Sebastian’s hand touched the fenrir as he inspected the wounds.
Upon seeing this, Leo stopped rubbing her nose over it.
And as Ms. Claire and I watched, we realized that we had misunderstood.
I had assumed that the fenrir’s fur was a brown color, but it was not.
So much blood had flowed from the wounds and then it had been covered in dirt as the trolls attacked it.
There were patches that weren’t caked in soil, and you could see that the fur was still white. This was proof that it usually had a clean, white coat.


Leo sounded very worried about the fenrir as she looked at Sebastian.

“Hmm… This…”
“How bad is it, Sebastian?”
“…I think that we arrived too late… While it is still alive now…that will not last for long…”
“…No… And after it took us so long to finally find one…”

Apparently, the wounds were very bad.
The trolls must have beaten it severely.
On closer inspection, one of its hind legs was broken and bent in a strange direction.
Perhaps the trolls had hit it with their giant clubs.
The broken leg would have prevented it from running away, and then it must have been surrounded…


Leo had a pleading expression.
And then she barked in the same way that she did when asking me to do something.
Apparently, Leo wanted to help this fenrir.

“…Isn’t there anything we can do?”
“…While I do have a little knowledge, I am no doctor. And…I doubt that even a trained doctor would be able to do anything now…”

While Ms. Claire asked Sebastian if there wasn’t any hope, he replied that there was none.
The blood was still continuing to flow from the fenrir’s wounds as it pooled on the ground.
It must not have any energy left, as though it was still breathing, it could not move its body or raise its voice.
…Seeing it in such a state…even though it was a monster that attacked humans, just like orcs and trolls…and the fact that it resembled a dog…or a wolf, and looked so much like Leo, made me want to do something.
But…I wasn’t a doctor or a veterinarian.
So there was nothing that I could do.
And so I just bit my lip and watched the fenrir that was sure to die.

“….Good Leo…Mr. Takumi…is there really nothing that we can do…?”
“…Lady Claire. The wounds are too deep. It is too late…”

Still wanting to help it, Ms. Claire now turned to me and Leo. But at Sebastian’s words, she closed her eyes tightly with regret.


Leo also entreated…
And I bit my lip even harder.

“There is nothing that we can do…”
“While it is a monster, and this is the way of nature…I do feel so powerless…”

Even Phillip and Nicholas were muttering sadly.
They were all affected by this situation of wanting to help the fenrir, but being unable to do so.
…Suddenly, I relaxed my jaw.
There was a taste that remained in my mouth.
…It was the taste of the herb I had eaten earlier.
It was likely still there because I hadn’t had any water since then.
And then I was reminded of something.

“…What is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“The Loe I made before. You said that it’s able to heal wounds in an instant, yes?”
“…Yes… Loe does have that ability…but not when the wounds are this serious…”
“Bu…if it’s not Loe…”

I would use Loe as a reference and make a different herb!
A herb that can even heal fatal wounds.
There was no time to think about taste.
Besides, with Loe, you extracted the gel from the leaves and covered the wounds with them.
In that case, I should make something similar. It just had to be something that was highly effective.

“Mr. Takumi?”

I could hear Ms. Claire and Sebastian calling to me, but I ignored them and focused as I put my palms on the ground.


And I waited silently for some time.
They then understood that I was using Weed Cultivation, and so they watched me without saying anything.
A few seconds later, a small light, which had never shone before, flashed between my hands and the ground, and then a white leaf began to sprout from the ground. It was similar in shape to Loe.
After about twenty seconds, it was fully grown. And so I picked it and cut it open with the short sword that Sebasstian handed to me.
And then I pared it as if it was an apple.
Once that was done, I approached the fallen fenrir that was in front of Leo.

“Mr. Takumi…”
“…I’m sure that it will be fine.”

As the others gulped, Ms. Claire and Leo spoke to me, but I just reassured them and then touched the fenrirs wounds with the herb.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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