Makai Hongi – 47

Chapter 47


The table had been completely destroyed, and the three wise wolves lay on top of each other.

Apparently, they were Lobos’s son. I was surprised that he had children.

Of course, he wasn’t exactly young, so it shouldn’t have been surprising. I don’t know, he just seemed like a loner, I suppose.

“Your sons, eh? I do remember meeting them a few times. But why did you bring them here today?”

“Yes. They have nearly as much mana as me, and I intend for one of them to take my place one day. But I have not decided which yet, so I thought it was a good opportunity.”

While they were currently unconscious with their tongues sticking out, they had as much mana as Lobos. That meant they had more than me.

Still, Saifo had beaten them easily. That was the idiot brother for you. Stupid, but strong.

“I see. So you are trying to find your successor. …And who is this ogre?”

“Me? I’m Saifo. I’m from the same village as Golan.”

He introduced himself proudly. He was always terrible at reading the room.

They might just kill him for wrecking the meeting.

“Hmm. You’re the same age as Golan and have a similar amount of mana. I suppose you are his rival then.”

“Me? Golan’s rival? You must be joking. I’ve fought Golan hundreds of times now. And I have never won. Right? Golan?”

“Shut your mouth!”

He really needed to learn when to speak.

“So, Golan. What’s happened here? It seems like a fight is about to start.”

“Just a little difference in opinion. With Corps Commander Nehyor.”

“Ohhh…. So you’re going to kill him this time?”

Came the shockingly grim words. What did he mean by that!?

“This guy! He just said he was going to kill Commander Nehyor! I won’t forgive you!”

“Shut up, mut!”

Why were these people making things more complicated?

“Hey, hey. Golan. You’re going to fight the Corps Commander, right? Then can I have the rest?”

“The rest…you mean the other Commanders?”

There were four of them. But then again, I had beaten them. So he could probably do it too.

“Leave it to me. I’ll wipe them out.”

“Uh, Saifo, is it? Do you really think I will allow you to do that?”

“Golan is going to take care of you. You won’t have time to pay attention to me.”

“Yeah. I think I can keep you occupied until Saifo cleans the place up.”

I couldn’t promise that I would beat Nehyor, but I could at least buy that much time.


Makai Hongi

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