Makai Hongi – 47


Nehyor looked at the three wise wolves and then turned to me.

Then he looked at Saifo before finally turning to the Commanders.

“…Fine, Golan. I will accept your demand. If I lost all of my Commanders here, then the General’s plan will fail anyway.”

“? You folded rather quickly.”

“Of course, I did. We have an enemy to fight tomorrow. How pointless would it be for us to fight here? Besides, I still don’t have a grasp on your limits, Golan. It is quite possible that this would end in the death of all my Commanders, while I would be grievously wounded. That’s why I will allow you to attack the enemy. Otherwise, I would not take such a risk. No, definitely not.”

He seemed like he hated it.

Still, he accepted my demands?

“But I do have a condition. Take some of Bian’s men with you so they can make reports about the battle. It will be a disaster if you die, your army is destroyed, and the enemy attacks the main camp.”

Yes, that was a possibility.

Up until now, we had stayed in our camp and hit the enemy when they came. But now things would be reversed.

We had to cross over into enemy territory. And so the casualties should be greater than before.

“Fine. I accept those conditions.”

It wasn’t as if I was doing anything that I was ashamed of. It didn’t matter if we were watched.

“Then let’s continue the meeting…is what I was thinking. But that won’t be easy. I suppose we better end it here.”

The broken table wasn’t a big deal, but there were three unconscious wise wolves on the floor.

And so everyone agreed with Corps Commander Nehyor.

I rebuked Saifo on the way back. But at the same time, I wondered what would have happened if those wise wolves hadn’t rained down on us.

The fight would have been unavoidable. And I…would have likely lost.

I wasn’t sure if I would have died, but it would have meant the end of my plan.

While I didn’t think that I should have yielded, perhaps I was getting ahead of myself.

In any case, this meant that Saifo had saved me.

After all, it was because Saifo said he would fight all of the Commanders that Nehyor had to consider the potential losses.

“What is it? Golan?”

“I was just thinking that you can be useful sometimes.”


Saifo didn’t seem to understand at all.

The next morning, a number of Bian’s men were sent to me.

They would inspect the camp on their own and make reports.

Furthermore, as they would constantly be changing, we did not need to pay them much attention, apparently.

“Fine. …By the way, before the fighting begins…can I ask you a favor?”

It seemed like a good opportunity. So I decided to ask.

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    • When was it ever implied that he was a pacifist? He likes martial arts, or better yet likes fighting in general and was told to protect even with his life on the line. He also mentioned that he used to be a bully. The only reason he struggled to adapt was because previous society of peaceful japan and its customs was still deeply engraved in him.

  1. so let me get this straight

    he’s going into a disadvantageous fight even though it might create unnecessary sacrifice from his army cause he was angry that his enemy sacrificed others to win

    so what’s the difference of him from the other dude

    they’re both willing to sacrifice their men to achieve what they want

    it’s pretty stupid tbh

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