Makai Hongi – 48

Chapter 48


As the morning mist covered the battlefield, the flying eagles set out towards the enemy camp.

They had been sent from Corps Commander Nehyor’s main camp, and they were here to monitor the situation.

At first, I had been surprised by how many there were, but they said it was because the battlefield was large and difficult to cover. Besides, if one of them were to fall, it would break the chain of communication.

“And they also took shifts.”

In any case, clearly these flying eagles were useful for scouting and transportation. But they had weaknesses as well.

First, their combat ability was not very high, so I could not have them charge into the enemy camp.

So they were much more useful as scouts.

Furthermore, they didn’t have especially good eyesight. It was the same as the other races for the most part.

And so if they wanted to see finer details, they had to get close to their target.

Either that, or they stayed far away but could not give you a detailed report.

But the biggest one of all…

It was that these wise eagles could not fly very high.

Most normal birds could fly a little higher than them.

In other words, they stuck out if they were too close.

And if they were caught, they could be knocked out of the air.

What I’m trying to say was this. They weren’t all that great as scouts.

However, they could be very effective depending on how you used them.

As I was thinking this, one of the flying eagles returned.

“I have seen the camp. They have two layers of defense… Like so.”

He drew what the camp looked like from above.

They were enough for general reconnaissance missions like this, that just told us who had the higher ground and a simple layout of the camp.

“I see… And so this hole is a tunnel.”

I could see the camp in the distance from where I stood.

There were walls of stone and hardened soil. And also fences made of logs.

It seemed like it would be very difficult to get over them.

This whole time, I had been watching the enemy make their camp. There had not been an order to attack since then.

The enemy made wooden fences and put stone on top of it before hardening them with dirt.

While I watched, I couldn’t help but think about how difficult it would be to destroy them.

“Still, two layers of defenses and a tunnel to come in and out.”

It was very well thought out.

Because it was a tunnel, they could go in and out freely, but we would be easily targeted the moment we stuck our heads out.

It would be difficult to use a tunnel if the enemy was guarding one of the entrances.

“Well, it’ll work out.”

Compared to defeating the Gigant Centaur, this was easy.

“Alright, we’ll move as planned. Are you all ready?”


“…Looks like you are.”

I was actually very worried, but this was business as usual for them.

Surely they wouldn’t disappoint me.

“Let’s go!”


The important part of this plan was to move faster than the enemy.

Thinking back on how we fought up until now, even when the enemy attacked our base, the Gigant Centaur boss had not come out. In other words, he had stayed in their base.

The enemy boss was avoiding a fight… That was one way to take it. But I felt that it was a strategy.

As they had superiority in numbers, they were slowly trying to chip away at our fighting force.

“Continue on!”

There was no point in waiting for the enemy to attack.

And so I wanted to attack them before they could move.


Makai Hongi

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