Makai Hongi – 224

Chapter 224

“Stab-stab, stab-stab-stab… I could make a song.”
Written and performed by me. ‘The Celestial World Stabbing Theme.’

As the celestial being writhed in agony, the Deepsea Dragon Sword stabbed into him dozens of times.
No, perhaps it was hundreds.
In any case, he wasn’t very solid anymore.

I felt a little bit better after that.
Maybe it was because I had been reincarnated in the Demon World, but I felt a lot of sympathy for the residents here.
And towards the celestials, I had nothing but hatred.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead with a satisfied expression. That’s when Demon King Tralzard fixed me with a venomous stare.

Uh, what was it? Treat living creatures with respect?
I had no idea what it was, and so I gave her a thumbs up.

“There is an expression, ‘even a worm will turn’… But I don’t see why anyone would feel sympathy for people who would use our souls in their experiments.”

However, I suppose everyone had different ways of thinking. It wasn’t for me to judge or argue.
“So, I suppose that’s there boss over there.”

The one that Tralzard was fighting. Yes, he looked strong.
I wasn’t sure if I could win, even if I went all out. And so it would be better to…

I showed Tralzard the palm of my hand, offering her the ‘honor.’

I wasn’t sure if she understood my meaning, but then she flew up high into the air.
“…I can’t see her anymore.”

If this were a comic book, a star would sparkle in the sky.


There was a sudden violent gust of wind. It contained mana. Was it a tornado?

“Ahh, I see. Transformation.”

A giant dragon then descended.
While we were in the Demon World, there was something godlike about her.

She was not like the evil dragons of the west, but closer to a mystical, eastern dragon.
So this was what Tralzard looked like after transforming.

And I also understood why she had risen high up into the sky.
“The town would have been destroyed by the wind.”

Some of the weaker buildings had already been blown away by the shockwaves after the transformation.
The castle was still intact, but the town was in quite a disastrous state.

“It does this much damage in spite of her being quite far away.”
It was no wonder she couldn’t just casually transform.

And then the battle between Tralzard and the resident of the Celestial World began.

“…Oh, and now it’s finished.”

It had been very one-sided.
The celestial being had launched some kind of beam at her, but Tralzard ignored it as she charged.

After tearing off his left shoulder and pressing him into the ground with her hands, she tore in until only his torso remained. And that too she shredded with her claws. And then it was done.
Overwhelming strength had earned her the victory.

“…Uh, I guess she can handle everything by herself now.”
It made me wonder how she had ever gotten hurt in the first place. It was very impressive.

Or were these celestials just too weak? No…Tralzard was too strong.

Now that their boss had been killed, the remaining residents of the Celestial World began to leave.
That being said, hardly any of them were able to safely return to their world.

They were attacked from every side, and they were weakened and eventually killed.
“What was that?”
It was a rather anticlimactic end.

Two days after the attack.
What was I doing? I was still in Tralzard’s town.

I didn’t feel like escaping while so many soldiers were running around. Besides, I had just seen Tralzard annihilate the enemy.

You could gather together all of the Lesser Demon Kings that you wanted, and they would still not be a match for Tralzard.
At least, she was so strong that you believed it to be the case.

And once I realized just how strong Demon Kings were, the energy in me that allowed me to act began to dwindle.
No matter what I did, I would be powerless against such strength.

It was game over.
I could plan and strategize, but it would be for nothing if Tralzard transformed. I was back to zero.

“And this is our neighbor…”
Once I knew that, I could not feel calm.

As I didn’t feel like returning to the castle, I stayed in a cheap inn. And then Stomel, who was acting as my Adjutant on this journey, came to see me.
He said that the Demon King was calling.

It was quite a surprise. I had expected Stomel to have gone home.

“Again? Why?”
Was Tralzard angry? Well…she had plenty of reason to be.

“I do not know any of the details.”
“I see. Of course, you don’t. …Alright, I’ll go and find out.”

The outside walls of the castle were still being repaired.
The races that were good with construction were currently working hard.

I ducked and dodged as I threaded my way through them and entered the castle.
What Stomel had given me was a permit to meet with Tralzard.

I passed it over and then the route to the Demon King was opened to me.

“Good of you to come.”
“Well…you called.”

She wasn’t very imposing when in human form.
And as someone who knew what her true form looked like, I was rather grateful.

“I received a report from one of my men… And thought that I should tell you about it.”
“I see… I hope that it is good news.”

“It is not good news. That celestial being that I defeated. My men later went to look at the body.”

“Don’t tell me, he was alive?”
He had lost his head and limbs. And more than half his torso as well. How could he be alive?

“No, he was properly dead. The problem is the corpse. Apparently, someone has removed the life stone from it.”

Life stones were the stones inside of every resident of the Celestial World. They were supposed to ‘create holy power.’
So they were similar to our Orbs of Control.

“The life stone? Could someone even touch the body? I thought they would be emitting holy power.”

If left alone, the corpses of the celestial beings would continue to release holy power.
The weaker ones would turn into masses of salt after a few days, and crumble.

But no one was foolish enough to touch them while they were still releasing holy power.

“I don’t know, as no one else got close to the body.”
“Yes, that’s to be expected. But you’re sure that the life stone was removed?”

“There is no doubt about it. You could even see where the body was cut open. It must have been one of Nehyor’s men who did it. He’s plotting something.”

“This is bad.”

“While he is antagonizing the smaller countries to the east, we cannot let our guard down. And so I decided to tell you.”

“I see. Thank you for the information.”
So it was related to Nehyor.

Ah, I wanted to stop Nehyor’s plans as soon as possible and beat him to death.

“Your Majesty! I have terrible news!”
One of her messengers. He ran into the room, breathing heavily.

“What is it?”
“Just now, a scout sent to the east says that it’s a state of emergency.”

East? That’s where my country is.

“What happened?”
Tralzard’s face became severe.
She had such an aura now that I nearly shivered.

“According to the report, Lesser Demon King Melvis has awakened…”

Tralzard shouted. Her hands were shaking.


It was kind of cute.

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  1. Welp Melvis is awake. Sounds like a few countries will cease to exist soon. Those other Lesser Demon Kings had only been eyeing his country because they don’t know Melvis’ strength.

  2. “Uh, what was it? Treat living creatures with respect?
    I had no idea what it was, and so I gave her a thumbs up.”


    “Her hands were shaking.


    It was kind of cute.”

    Brilliant, just brilliant. XD

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