My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 11

I Talked About Coming From Another World

“There was something that really surprised me when I woke up in the forest.”
“…What was it?”
“Uh…that Leo had suddenly grown very big.”
“What? But she is a Silver Fenrir. Surely it’s only natural that she would be so big?”
“I don’t really know anything about these Silver Fenrirs, but Leo was originally a dog that was small enough for me to carry.”

It wasn’t just Ms. Claire and Sebastian. Even Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda, who were listening in the same room, looked at Leo with suspicious expressions.
Now that all eyes were on her, Leo tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Mr. Takumi. Is it really true that Leo became bigger?”
“Yes, it is. I rescued her a few years ago after she had been abandoned… Even as an adult, she was small enough for me to carry her.”
“Perhaps you were raising a Silver Fenrir pup all along, and it just grew up?”
“Yes. Well, you did say previously that Silver Fenrirs care deeply and would never abandon a pup. But she was definitely abandoned when I found her, and there were no signs of any parent in the area.”
“…I see.”
“And so my own conclusion is that I never raised or tamed a Silver Fenrir, but my dog somehow changed into a Silver Fenrir.”
“…Indeed. So she was not originally a Silver Fenrir.”
“But I’ve never heard any stories about small animals transforming into Silver Fenrirs.”
“About that…”

The rest was a lot more difficult to talk about.
Not only were they unlikely to believe me, but I didn’t fully believe it myself.
But I had already said so much, and there was no going back now.

“I think that I probably came from another world.”
“…Another world?”
“Yes. A world different from this one. Ever since I appeared in that forest, I’ve seen so many things that are unfamiliar to me. And that includes Leo after turning into a Silver Fenrir. In my world, orcs are creatures that only appear in story books.”
“So that’s why you didn’t know about monsters. Those who live in this country… No…to borrow your words, Mr. Takumi, those from this world., know about monsters and orcs. Even children. …Another world…I see…”
“I know that it is difficult to believe. I still have my doubts about it.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. What if I am just sleeping, and this is all a dream?”
“Well, I’ve done so much here and still haven’t managed to wake up. And it’s odd that I should meet someone like you, Ms. Claire, who I have never met before. And so it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to deny it.”
“Yes, I am quite sure that this isn’t a dream.”
“But…if this isn’t a dream, then the only other explanation is that this is another world.”

Seeing monsters, meeting a beautiful woman, Leo growing so big… If this wasn’t a dream, then it had to be another world.
…Surely there was no other explanation?

“And in my world, there were lots of stories about people who were transferred to other worlds. And more often than not, they would gain special powers.”
“Special powers…”

At least, it had been the case with the light novels that my coworker showed me.
I think they were called cheats? And with these abilities, they would become the strongest person in the world.
Such stories were also depicted in cartoons and comics.
I didn’t know a lot about them, but they too generally showed the protagonist gaining some kind of power.

“And so I’m starting to think that the special power was Leo’s transformation.”
“While Leo was originally a small dog, she gained a special power in this world that turned her into a Silver Fenrir…that is my guess.”
“Well, it’s possible that Leo somehow got wrapped up in my coming here. So perhaps this was something that she never wanted.”
“Hmm? Hey, Leo. Stop that. You aren’t angry about it? Alright, I get it.”

Leo seemed to be reacting to what I said, as she started to lick my face.
It was like she was saying that she was never troubled by having to be with me.
I felt as if I was able to understand her a lot better after coming to this world.
Well, I also felt that Leo understood me better as well. So the change might have affected both of us.
I made her stop licking me and patted her on the head as she calmed down.

“Lady Claire, what he just said is…”
“Sebastian. I do understand that it’s a fantastical and unbelievable story. But…I am going to believe what Mr. Takumi says.”
“…I see. If that is how you feel, Lady Claire, then I have nothing to say. …Besides, you have always had an eye for judging a person’s character.”
“Thank you, Sebastian.”
“I also think that you are a good judge of character. You chose all of the servants of this household yourself, and they have done their work brilliantly.”
“I was hired to work here because of you, Lady Claire. And I will continue to work hard so that you won’t regret the decision!”
“Lyra, Gelda… Thank you.”
“Hehe. Does Leo trust me too then? Thank you.”

It was clear that everyone present had a high opinion of Ms. Claire.
And since she had left the mansion in order to find medicine for her sister, she must be very compassionate.
I watched this display of trust with a smile.
It was good when employees and employers trusted each other. In my workplace, superiors forced us to do more work than we could handle, and so people would talk angrily about them behind their backs…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. “In my workplace, superiors forced us to do more work than we could handle, and so people would talk angrily about them behind their backs” Yea I know how you feel Takumi lol

    Anyway, thanks for the chap

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