My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 12

I Was Able to Dry the Ramogi

“Now, Mr. Takumi.”
“If what you say is true, then you have no one here to rely on or help you?”
“That is right. The only people who I am acquainted with in this world are the people in this very room right now.”
“Indeed. In that case, why don’t you stay with us in this mansion for a while? While I may have offered you words of gratitude, I have not been able to do anything else yet.”
“You really don’t have to do anything. But, are you sure that I can stay here?”
“For as long as you wish, Mr. Takumi. Besides, I’m certain that my sister, Tilura, will want to thank you when she is recovered.”
“I see… Well, while I don’t know how long it will take for me to be able to live independently in this world, I would like to stay here until then. Thank you for having me.”
“Yes. Sebastian. Lyra, Gelda. You heard it, didn’t you? Mr. Takumi is to be my guest here. Please see to it that he is made comfortable. Also, prepare a room for him at once.”
“Yes, my lady.”

Upon hearing Ms. Claire’s words, the three left the room immediately.
I suppose they were going to prepare a room for me.
But I really didn’t mind sleeping on some couch in a corner…
Before leaving, Lyra had seen that our cups were empty, and so she filled them with tea again.

“By the way, your sister…Ms. Tilura…was it?”
“Yes. My sister’s name is Tilura Liebert.”
“Were you able to prepare the medicine for her?”
“About that… In order to make medicine out of the Ramogi, the flowers must be chopped up and dried. And so it won’t be ready until midday tomorrow at the earliest.”
“I see. Ah, and was there enough Ramogi? I believe I was only able to find five of them.”
“There was more than enough. In fact, we really just needed one for Tilura. I was told that five was most excessive.”

So saying, Ms. Claire took out the remaining four Ramogi flowers.
She had been carrying the ones that wouldn’t be used for medicine. She chuckled and placed them on the table.

“So one was enough. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked the others then. Well, I suppose it’s good to have them in stock in case someone falls ill again.”
“Yes. We will keep them so that we will be prepared if such a thing happens in the future.”

As I sipped some tea and chatted languidly with Ms. Claire, Leo seemed to take an interest in the Ramogi, as she brought her face close to it and sniffed.

“Leo. That’s not food, so you can’t eat it.”
“Perhaps she is hungry. It is nearly time for dinner.”
“Yes, the sun is starting to set.”
“I will have the cooks prepare something. I myself am feeling hungry… I had been thinking of nothing but finding Ramogi while in the forest, and so I forgot to eat lunch.”
“Hahaha. Then it’s no wonder that you are hungry. As for me, I was so hungry that I ate an orc that Leo killed, just before meeting you… I think that was about lunch time.”
“Hehe. So you must be hungry as well then. Well, I’ll have something prepared then. Yes, we’ll have a welcoming party for you.”
“Please don’t do anything too fancy. I’m really not used to that kind of etiquette.”
“You really don’t need to worry about etiquette. It’s just me and the servants here. Oh, and what would the great Leo like to eat?”
“She really likes…do you have any sausages? It’s her favorite. …You know, they are stuffed with meat and…well, I don’t know if you have them in this world…”
“We certainly do. Hehe. But it would be very interesting if we could later compare the foods in our worlds and find out what we have and don’t have.”
“Yes, it would. …Leo. It looks like you’ll be able to eat sausages.”
“Wuff? Wou! Wou! Wou!”
“Yeah? You look so happy.”

Leo reacted strongly to the word ‘sausage.’
Her tail wagged and she nearly jumped on me… But wait! I would get crushed if you jumped on me with that huge body!


I somehow managed to make Leo calm down and stop her from pouncing on me.
Things were finally starting to go well for me in this world, and I didn’t want to end the lucky streak by getting flattened under my dog. That wouldn’t even be funny.
I patted the calmed down Leo on the head, and then she raised her face to look at me.
Just then, the Ramogi that was on the table fell down.
Apparently, Leo’s excitement earlier had caused the table to shake, and so the Ramogi was already on the edge.


I managed to catch three of them before they hit the floor.
Ms. Claire reached out a hand to pick up the single flower that was on the carpet.
As I was about to return the Ramogi to the table, I couldn’t help but look at the flowers and wonder over how they could turn into medicine.
In Japan, I never had the opportunity to see plants before decoction.
All the medicine in drug stores and hospitals had already been processed into powders and tablets.
While I didn’t know if it was the same thing, I did know that Kawara-yomogi(Artemisia capillaris) could help alleviate a fever.
But I had never actually seen it used as medicine.
…Though, I had a vague recollection that they also chopped and dried the flowers.

“Mr. Takumi?”
“…Ah, I’m sorry. I got lost in thought.”

Ms. Claire had been looking at me with a slightly worried expression.
I rushed to put the Ramogi back on the table and then noticed the change.

“…Uh…Ms. Claire. This…”

I showed her the Ramogi in my hand.

“Isn’t it…? But it hadn’t been dry at all when it fell off the table and I caught it…”
“Mr. Takumi…did you do something?”
“No. I just caught it in the air, that’s all…”
“Yes. From what I could see, that is what happened…”

After witnessing such a strange thing, Ms. Claire and I had expressions of disbelief.
Leo looked at us and tilted her head to the side.

“…Ah, yes. Ms. Claire. Couldn’t you use this to make medicine?”
“Ah! That’s right! They do seem to be properly dried. I will go and tell Sebastian at once!”

Ms. Claire accepted the dried Ramogi and rushed out of the room.
Now that it was just me and Leo in the room, my stomach seemed to growl noisily.

“…Well…I think we might have to wait a little longer for dinner now… Of course, it’s only natural to prioritize giving a sick person medicine. …Still, what exactly happened…?”
“Wou… Wou! Wou!”
“Leo. You’ll have to wait a little longer for your sausages.”

I patted the disappointed Leo and thought about the strange phenomenon as I waited for someone to return to the guest room.

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  1. Looks like Leo isn’t the only one who got some cheat ability by being isekai’d. Takumi seems to have some plant powers.

    • Might be plant based powers, might just be whatever he is hoping for or imagining. Too early to tell! Too convenient to tell!

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