My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 13

I Learned About Abilities Called Gifts

I think about two hours passed after that.
I couldn’t confirm it, as I didn’t have a watch with me, but it felt like it was that long.
While Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda came in and brought me more tea and Leo more milk several times, drinking so much tea to help ward off hunger had made my stomach feel rather bloated.
As I had drunken so much, I once asked Ms. Lyra if I could use the bathroom. Unsurprisingly, it was not a flush toilet.
Leo also went out to the back of the garden to relieve herself once.
I was able to see the garden at the same time, and it was indeed large enough for Leo to play in.
I didn’t know how much it would cost to have such a large house and vast lands surrounding it in Japan. The fact that I even thought of it showed how much of a commoner I was.
And so I spent the time petting and playing with Leo or looking at the beautiful furnishings in the guest room. And then finally, there was a knock on the door and Ms. Claire and Sebastian entered.

“Mr. Takumi, thank you so much. We were able to make the Ramogi medicine, and give it to Tilura.”
“I see. Do you think it will work?”
“Yes. Lady Tilura fell asleep immediately after drinking it, and seemed much calmer than before. And her fever has also lowered a little.”
“That’s good. I hope she recovers soon.”
“So, Mr. Takumi. I heard from Lady Claire that…the Ramogi dried when you touched it…”
“Ahh… Yes, that did happen. I don’t know why, but when I grabbed the Ramogi that fell off of the table, it somehow dried.”
“…I see…”
“Sebastian. Do you know why?”
“No… Well, I am not certain of it. But I wondered if it could not be related to Gifts.”
“Those Gifts?”

But what were gifts…
Something like a present…? What did that have to do with drying Ramogi?

“Yes. I suppose I have to explain them to you, Mr. Takumi?”
“Please do.”
“Gifts are also called ‘Gifts from God.’ It is said that one in every few million are born with a Gift.”
“From god…”
“Neither Sebastian nor I have seen anyone with a Gift before. However, those who have it are supposed to have specific abilities that far surpass anyone else.”
“Currently, there are no known persons in this country with the Gift. However…there are documents of them existing in the past.”
“What do you mean by specific abilities?”
“They usually have some kind of ability that they are very good at. For instance, someone with a smithing Gift will be able to make anything. They could make a sharp sword as if it was nothing. Someone with a water Gift would be able to create water no matter where they are, and so they would never be thirsty. Someone with the Gift of magic would have more powerful magic than normal, and would be able to do any kind of magic with ease. A person with the sage Gift will be wise and understand everything. Etcetera.”

The word magic had popped up during Sebastian’s explanation.
It wouldn’t be unusual in another world. So I guess this world had magic as well?

“I have never heard of magic being used to quickly dry plants like Ramogi. The only thing I can think of is…using fire magic to help it dry faster. But I hear that you dried them in an instant. That shouldn’t be possible with just magic.”
“Besides, if it was magic the energy should be detectable. But I didn’t detect anything at all.”
“No magic energy was detected, and it isn’t possible to do it with magic to begin with. There is no other explanation. It is a Gift.”
“Also, when Mr. Takumi spoke of stories about going to other worlds, he said they would get special powers.”
“…Yes, that’s true.”

It happened a lot in stories about people being reincarnated or transferred to another world.
I had told them about it earlier.

“Perhaps that special power isn’t just that your Leo turned into a Silver Fenrir, but you maybe have also been given a power of your own. That is what I think.”
“Being given a special power. We think it must be the Gift from God.”
“A gift… Are you saying there is some weird ability that allows me to dry plants…?”
“I have never seen any mention of that ability in any documents. However, Gifts are always unique, and no two are alike.”
“Mr. Takumi. Perhaps drying Ramogi is only a small part of your ability. And the real ability is something else.”
“Something else…”
“Yes. There is something that allows you to find out what a person’s Gift is. So if we use it, you might find the answer to your question.”
“There is something so convenient?”
“Well, it isn’t actually used for finding out a person’s Gift. It is for magic energy. However, it does also tell you about your Gift’s ability as well.”
“It is likely because the person who invented it happened to be a Gifted individual.”
“I see… Well, I would like to find out then.”

If I really did have a useful ability, I wanted to know what it was.
By knowing what it was, I could think about how I would put it to use.
Well, it was also possible that drying plants was all I could do, which would be a little disappointing.

“Mr. Takumi. We don’t actually have the thing with us right here. And so we will have to go to town later.”
“I see. Very well.”

Town, huh… I wonder what towns are like in this world?
I immediately thought of medieval towns, and judging from this mansion, it was probably not too far from that.

“Now, Mr. Takumi. Dinner has been prepared. And so it will be brought to you here.”
“Ah, that’s right. I’m practically starving. Thank you so much.”
“Certainly. It will be brought to you soon, so just wait one moment.”

So saying, Sebastian bowed and left the room.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Takumi. I’m afraid it’s become quite late, as there was the matter of the medicine.”
“Not at all. It was for your sister, Ms. Tilura. And so I don’t mind. Though, I probably shouldn’t have drunk so much tea.”
“Oh, Mr. Takumi. It is not good to drink so much at once. I am quite hungry as well. Please don’t be modest, and eat as much as you like tonight. And we’ve prepared food for Leo as well.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

So we would finally be able to eat dinner.
Leo was in a good mood now that she could expect the sausages to arrive soon.
Now that I think about it, I had wanted to ask about magic… Well, I would do that later. Right now, I should focus on the food that was being brought to us.
It was being made by the household cooks of such a great mansion, and so it must be something delicious. With great expectations, I waited for Sebastian to return.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Fantasy sausages would be probably made from intestines filled with mincemeat, without plastic film. So they could be devoured whole without any indigestion problems.

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