My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 448

I talked to Mr. Haines about the forest

“Well, then, that settles the matter of Mr. Takumi, Lady Claire, and Leo’s house. As for the cost…are you sure?”
“Yes. I would not like it if someone else paid for me…”
“Very well…”
“Mr. Takumi is so modest… He should just leave it to me.”

In the end, it seemed like nothing would be decided, and so Sebastian had to come to help me.
I was still a little worried about how large the house would end up being, but I would leave it to Sebastian.
Mr. Ekenhart was very insistent about paying, since Ms. Claire and some servants would be staying there… And so I compromised, and agreed to pay half of it.
As the project had not even been started, we didn’t know how much it would cost in the end, but I heard the estimate, and was relieved that it was something I would be able to pay.

Though, it was high enough to surprise Mr. Haines… But I had a lot of money left from making the herbs.
And I hadn’t used money recently, outside of buying some things for Liza. And there was no reason to think I would lack money in the future.
Even when considering that I would be paying employees as well.

“It’s not modesty. I just don’t think that I should rely on the duke’s house for everything.”
“Is that so? I don’t mind doing it. So I still think you should just leave it to me.”
“Father, some people do not appreciate you adding so much pressure on them. I think you need to practice some restraint.”
“Well, I suppose. Very well. Then we will do it as Mr. Takumi requested.”

It seemed that in this world, people didn’t really refuse offers often. And so Mr. Ekenhart was quite puzzled by my reaction.
As Ms. Claire said, some people would take it as him having high expectations for them…and that pressure would weigh heavily on their shoulders.

Though, I tried to not think about it too deeply…or not at all… Regardless, it reminded me how much he was from the upper class.
Would Ms. Claire become like this one day, when she succeeds him?

“By the way, Mr. Takumi. The journey to the forest will be on the day after tomorrow. Is that alright?”
“The day after tomorrow? Yes, that is fine. Did you hear that, Leo?”
“Wuff! Wou-wou?”

Once we were finished talking about the house, Sebastian told me of their plans for going to the forest.
The day after tomorrow…I supposed that meant that Mr. Haines would leave tomorrow, and so would have just enough time to prepare.
Leo nodded to me in reply and then turned to Sherry.

I think she was saying, ‘time to fight for real.’
Sherry nodded and looked quite crestfallen… Would she be alright?
Leo wanted her to go on a diet and regain her instincts, but… Well, I’m sure that she wouldn’t put Sherry in any danger.
Besides, I would be there, as well as Mr. Ekenhart and the guards.

“Do you mean the fenrir forest?”
“You know of it, Mr. Haines?”
“Yes. Though, I have never been to it… But it is not so far away, so I have heard stories.”

While Sebastian and I were talking about the forest, Mr. Haines suddenly raised his voice.
Yes, it was called the fenrir forest.
Most people did not travel too deep into it. And so though it was well known, it made sense that Mr. Haines had never been there.

“…Is it not dangerous?”
“Ah, yes. It is dangerous for the average person. While fenris are rarely sighted, it was still where we found Sherry. Also, there are orcs, trolls and other monsters.”

Mr. Haines was right to be concerned.
Orcs could hurt you if you let your guard down, but trolls were worse.
And so even if you had guards with you, it was still a dangerous place to step foot in.

Mr. Ekenhart nodded at Mr. Haines, and then he explained that he knew how dangerous the forest could be, which is to say, he did not think it was that dangerous at all.
Leo would ensure that no fenrirs bothered us.
Leo would also make quick work of any orcs or trolls that might show up.

Fenrirs were submissive towards Silver Fenrirs. It was their instinct.
And Leo had assured me that even if they did attack, they were merely smallfry.
I had already seen her defeat trolls easily in the forest, and then again on the road to Range village.
It was the kind of sight that would make children cry…

“I see… With good Leo…”
“Mmm. With Leo, the forest will be perfectly safe. Of course, we won’t rely on her alone. I have my own guards, and we will be careful… After all, the goal is for Tilura to…”

Was it really important to say that much…? I wondered, but I suppose he wanted to boast about his daughter as well.
The people on his lands would probably feel safer if they knew that their lord had people who could hunt orcs.
Not that much time had passed since Range village was attacked by orcs, and so hearing all of this helped put his mind at ease.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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