My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 449

I suggested that I make Loe

“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Mama is so amazing!”
“Leo is so impressive! I cannot fall too far behind. I will work hard with my sword training!”

Leo barked proudly, saying that it was indeed safe to go to the forest.
Mr. Ekenhart and ms. Claire watched with a smile.
Liza, Rosalie and Tilura were also very impressed with her.
However, Sherry was clearly not enthusiastic about going to the forest…
Also, Ms. Anne looked a little scared… Even when sitting at a distance, she was scared of Leo.
Regardless, the peaceful dinner ended, and we relaxed with some tea.

“Ah, that’s right. Mr. Ekenhart. And Sebastian.”
“Hmm? What is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“What is the matter?”

After tea, I went out into the garden in order to train before going to bed.
But as there was something on my mind, I decided to ask them first.
In the meantime, Leo stayed with Tilura and Liza.
Sherry was apparently tired from running during the day, and so Ms. Claire took her to bed.

“I was just thinking… What about growing Loe in large quantities.”
“Loe? But that will cause chaos in the market. Sebastian said that you already knew this.”
“Yes. I told Mr. Takumi this before. And those who are negatively affected might target him if they lose money.”
“Uh, yes. I am not saying I want to flood the market with it. However, it is such an effective herb, so it would be convenient if it was more widely available…”
“Hmm. It is true that there are many people who could be helped… But what are you thinking about?”

Loe was a rare and expensive herb.
I had once heard that it had the same price tag as a house.
And I had used Loe myself when fighting the orcs, and treating the villagers.
After seeing the effects, I understood why someone would pay that.
It could heal a fatal wound in seconds.

Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian were concerned that making them readily available would cause the market to crash and prices to plunge.
And that would result in sellers of Loe holding a grudge against me.
But I wasn’t thinking about selling it, but using it effectively.
With a herb that useful, even if we didn’t mass produce it, there was no way we could not do something with it…
…Especially since I or the people around me could get hurt.

“Well…I could give some to the guards who protect this house, as well as the town guards… I think it could help during an emergency. Especially since some of them might face monsters and criminals.”
“…I see. It’s true that guards and soldiers are often wounded. And sometimes, they are hurt so badly that they can no longer be soldiers. Or they might even die.”

It had been like that in Range village as well, but if you fought against monsters and criminals, then there was a risk of being injured.
Unlike in Japan, anyone could get a weapon here, so you could not let your guard down.
Nick had only had a knife, so I had not been too worried. But Deam was different.
He had wielded a longsword, and its weight had nearly knocked me down.

Had that been directed at the guards, then it wouldn’t have been strange for someone to be injured.
In that case, I thought they should be able to use Loe for treatment.
It would help to decrease instances where they were permanently maimed and had to retire.

“However…there are dozens of guards here. And over a hundred in Ractos… I do not think there will be enough to…”
“Well, I’m not saying that there has to be enough for everyone. I just think there should be some in stock in case of emergencies.”
“Hmm… I suppose that would be possible…”
“And so…while I will have to discuss the matter with others and decide on the amount, they can be stored in the necessary locations and be used whenever there is someone who is badly wounded… That is my idea.”
“It will still be a large amount… I am not sure it is realistic.”
“Hmm. If it is only reserved for those who are badly injured, it might work. It is expensive because it is rare. There are times when it is not even sold in large cities. If it is only that much, we should be able to cover the cost.”
“Indeed. …I thought that Mr. Takumi was thinking about selling Loe to all the soldiers on your land. Hohoho…”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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