Paintbrush Summoner – 23

Chapter 23 – Various Systems

“What was that!? What kind of magic!”

Ralph complained wildly to Menew. He looked like he was about to grab him by the collar.

Even now, his sword was under the effect of the enchant, as it blazed red with flames.

“Well…uh, haha… My magic?”

One thing he had learned after studying about this world, is that they did not enchant things.

They had magic items that had different effects from the beginning, but they did not use magic to buff equipment.

And so it was a little difficult to explain.

Menew could not even explain the formula of something like an ordinary Fireball.
However, cursed equipment was quite similar to enchantments. The elements between the item and wearer unite and adhere.
However, while such states were created, when it came to temporarily fusing elements and matter, it was still being studied.

Search was also magic where you were supposed to define the area and direct it outwards when using. But Menew could use it on a person’s eyes, making their entire vision affected by Search.

Menew’s creation and modification magic were a very good fit for his Divine Artist and Manifestation of all things skills.

When he thought, ‘it would be nice for such magic to exist’ while drawing, then that magic would be created. The Manifestation of all things skill would automatically do all of the complicated work of formulas.

And the new magic would appear in the list with a name. The one used for Ralph was called Flame Enchant.

He could not use magic to do anything that deviated too much from the rules of the world, but Menew greatly enjoyed drawing with this magic paint.

Perhaps it was the joy of drawing things that people could understand. It was not interesting to draw things that were not understood by anyone.

After all, an animator’s job was to convey the story to the audience.

The last five combined spells had also been made with modification magic. He just had to imagine it while drawing, and the magic would combine just he wanted.

Menew saw it as drawing while the ‘world was his canvas.’

Ralph’s platinum hair was in disarray, and he looked like a demon while questioning him. Hey, wasn’t the curse broken?

“You… What is going on with your status…?”

“Ah… Do you have to ask that…”

Menew did not want to show it. And so he averted his eyes.

Ralph had already become jealous of him once, and the nun’s words were carved in him now.

He had to get out of this somehow.

“Actually…it seems that before I lost my memory, I earned this skill for the seven magic attributes.”

“What…!? You have seven!?”

Wait, are there more than seven?

“That’s right. So…I’m pretty good with magic.”

Since his physical attacks and defenses were not as good as his magic attacks and defenses, he was not lying.

“I see…”

Ralph seemed to be satisfied by this, and regained his calm. While Menew did not understand, he supposed that it really was an incredible skill.

Look what you’ve done, Seker. Still, drawing magic was so fun that he could not help but smile.

“The martial arts used when stopping me…”

“A coincidence! I just happened to be learning it at the time.”

And then the Enchant effect ended. Ralph waved his sword around suspiciously and then returned it to its sheath.

While he had studied passionately, Ralph was not very bright when it came to magic. His skills leaned heavily towards sword techniques.

In that case, Menew should be able to fool him.

“So, I’ll be able to support you with magic. Alright!”

“I admit, it does make fighting easier. But…be careful.”

Apparently, he was worried about things like MP depletion and the enemy targeting Menew after being attacked.

While he looked suspicious, he did not say any more than that.

(Indeed, I was not paying any attention to MP depletion…)

If they were traveling together, he would have to think about MP more, and abstain from using too much. Though…he probably had enough that he wouldn’t run out….

Still, he brought up part of his status, and just as Ralph looked away, he showed the rest so that he could confirm it. However…



“Look! Level 3!”

Ralph looked puzzled for a second, as Menew showed him his status so innocently.

Indeed, it did say level 3. Perhaps it was because of the fight earlier?

“Congratulations on leveling up.”

“Thank you!”

While it was unlikely to affect his status, he still felt happy. This was what growth felt like.

“No, I’m sure you have money for your travels, but I have none. So, let’s gather the crystals.”


Ralph looked at him with pity. So you really have lost your memory, huh?

“Monsters…when defeating them, they drop element crystals. Monsters are sentient clumps of elements. So when the crystals are left for too long, they become a monster core. But if you gather them and trade them in at the guild, they are processed and used for magic items.”

“Well, we definitely can’t leave them here then.”

You could never have too much money, and he did not want to create more monsters. And so he would gladly contribute to humanities development and tomorrow’s food fees.

The two then started to gather the hobgoblin crystals. However, deep in the forest, a certain group was watching them from the top of a cliff.

Menew and Ralph did not notice it, probably because they were using a skill. Also, they were so far away that you wouldn’t be able to see them with the naked eye.

“Boss, what should we do? They look like they have money.”

“Isn’t it obvious? Our prey is already fleeing in their direction… We’ll go and get them all!”


The group of thirty shouted in unison.

But Menew and Ralph were too far away to hear them.

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