Paintbrush Summoner – 29

Chapter 29 – The Great Medjed March!

After that, they unleashed a light from their eyes, and the walls crumbled.

“Ahhh! Help me!”

And they attacked the enemy, without letting a single one escape.

One of the Medjed tore a hole open in the wall, and then it shot beams of light from its eyes, which burned the enemy.

Furthermore, another one chased a bandit into a corner, and then enveloped him in flames.

The Medjed flowed out of the fortress, flying after those who tried to escape. They would cover them like flies and take them down.

With such overwhelming strength, the Medjed took over the fortress before Menew and the others even left their prison.


Ralph grabbed one of the Medjed and turned to look at Menew.

“What the hell is this…?”

The Medjed looked at Ralph angrily. However, it saw that Menew did not see Ralph as an enemy, so it did not resist.

Even though it seemed very, very upset.

“Medjed are gods. They protect the gate of the underworld. They can shoot light from their eyes, create fire, and defeat all kinds of enemies! They are quite amazing.”

Menew explained with excitement. But Ralph’s expression darkened.

“That is not what I mean!”

Well, it was part of it. But he also wanted to know why they were here.

“I just summoned them. I’m a Summoner after all. So it shouldn’t be strange, should it?”

“You…have a point…”

But it was strange.

Mamnak and the elves thought so, but they held back the urge to point it out.

And so they just looked at each other in astonishment.

Even if Menew was a Summoner, his amount of mana was incredible.

As there was no mana in the barrier, he would have made the Medjed with his own.

In fact, Menew’s MP had decreased rapidly.

The Manifestation of all Things skill and Divine Beast Creation skill required an immense amount of mana.

When defeating the Giant Troll, and when making Stan, the MP depletions had been severe as well. However, as Menew had more MP than most, he and those around him did not notice it.

However, these were elves, who knew a lot about magic. And so they understood how abnormal this was.

Normal summoning arts were similar to magic.

You would summon the creature, and give them your energy, which allows them to recreate their body in a far away place.

In other words, the body was a copy. Divine Beasts and demon beasts were made of magic energy.

Sending your consciousness over to the Summoner was not too difficult. Because everything is connected.

While Menew had said it was summoning, whether it was summoning or the Divine Beast Skill, it was still abnormal.

“And so, I thought that I might be able to use it.”

“Thought? Why would you call out so many of them!?”

“Why not? I’m going to give them to the elves anyway. They can be used for restoration. Building their country, and to free other slaves.”

“But they are gods…”

Said Ralph, who was grabbing one as he spoke. The Medjed flailed its limbs until Ralph let go, and then it flew off in order to help the others.

The sounds of chaos echoes, as did the sounds of something being burned. The sounds of crumbling bricks too. Things breaking. A most fearsome symphony of destruction.

“Ah, speaking of gods. You go and help them, Stan.”


As Stan grew larger, Ralph averted his eyes. He still did not like the giant bird.

He would probably keep quiet now.

Stan let out a high-pitched cry, and then flew out of the fortress.

“Now, we just have to wait for the chaos to die down.”

Menew said to the elves with a reassuring smile.

They had been imprisoned for so long. And then Queen Mamnak had brought Menew to rescue them.

And now they felt the protection of the gods. The elves folded their hands in prayer.

“Oh, he is using Medjeds.”

In a luxurious room.

At a glance, it looked simple, with its wooden furniture. However, the plates above the fireplace and the paintings on the walls were first-rate and cost a fortune.

It was night time. In the darkness of night, you would not be able to see anything in the room if it was not for the light.

Only a single candle was lit.

And flame illuminated a man with deep blue hair.

He was still young. Perhaps about twenty.

While his eyes were dowcast, it was as if he was looking at something that was far away.

“Seker…or is it Osiris.”

He muttered. And his breath put out the candle.

But in the darkness, he laughed merrily.

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