My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 488

I faced the orc with magic and blade

“Light elemental shine!”
“Good, just what I wanted…not really. But it killed its momentum!”

It was just magic that created light.
The first spell I ever learned and used in Range village. I unleashed it in order to blind the orc.
The light itself was only for a brief moment, but it was enough to stagger it.
And yet, as the orc was so angry, it did not stop its charge… Even though it was slower. But that was enough for me.


Its eyes were now open, and it was glaring at me.
Still, it had finally stopped targeting Phillip and the others.
Even though it was still excited…
I thought of such things and confirmed that I was calm. Then I held the katana at a low position and kicked off the ground towards the orc.

Experience really did make a big difference… Even with the orc in front of me, I was able to calmly think of the most effective action.
Besides, this wasn’t a dangerous situation like last time, so there was less pressure.

“Gyuo!? Gyuaaa!!”

Without losing momentum, I moved to the side so that I would pass by the orc.
And in the same instant, I swung the blade from my waist.
I was aiming at the orc’s legs.
No matter how angry it was, it would not be able to move without legs.

The blade hit the orc’s right leg, just as I had hoped, and it cut it off smoothly.
There was less resistance than with my normal sword…which showed how sharp it was.
As the orc’s legs were short, I had to angle the sword lower than expected, and I lost my balance a little afterwards. That was the one mistake I felt that I made.

After losing its right leg, the orc let out a scream as it stumbled and rolled across the rocks before stopping.

“Ah, before it stands up!”
“Giii! …”

The orc had shouted and began to pick itself up off of the ground.
I wasn’t sure if it would be able to stand with one leg, but I would not lower my guard with such a monster.
I quickly turned around and thrust the sword deep into the orc’s head.
After a short scream, the orc became silent and then stopped moving completely.

Regardless, I had done the basics of stopping its movement and then dealing the finishing blow…but it had not been perfect. And so I sighed as I wiped off the blood and returned it to my sheath.
I didn’t know if it was a good example, but I had done my job.

“Well done! You slowed the orc with magic and then attacked before finishing it off… Your training has clearly had an effect.”
“Mr. Ekenhart. Yes, it is due to my experience and training.”
“And your ability, Mr. Takumi.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Thank you, Leo.”

As soon as I sheathed my blade, Mr. Ekenhart called to me in a loud voice.
And so I walked towards him and thanked him.
Leo also wagged her tail joyously.

“Uh, Tilura? Are you alright?”
“…Ah, yes! I’m fine!”

I petted Leo and then looked at Tilura. She seemed quite stunned as she stared at the dead orc.
But when I called to her, she said that she was fine… But was she really?

“Well, it is her first time, so it might have been a shock. It was a good thing you fought first, Mr. Takumi.”

Even if she had seen orc meat, she had not seen a living orc before.
And she was still young, so it could not be helped.

“…Mr. Takumi. Were you hurt?”
“Ms. Claire. I’m fine. I was calm the whole time, and so I was not injured.”
“I see… That’s a relief. …Still this is the first time I saw you fight. It was splendid!”
“Really? Of course, it’s nothing compared to Mr. Ekenhart or Phillip…”
“Well, Phillip and I are more experienced. We have trained for longer. But it is still impressive how fast you have learned.”

As we were talking to Tilura, Ms. Claire, who had been watching from the lake, came towards us.
Apparently, she had been worried about me.
I smiled and assured her that I was fine, and she sighed in relief. And then she praised me, which made me feel a little embarrassed.

I wasn’t used to being praised, especially not for fighting.
Well, no one would be in Japan.
This wasn’t sports, as you could actually die.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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