My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 489

It was Tilura’s Turn

We chuckled and then I looked towards the river to see how Liza was doing. She and Ms. Lyra were happy that I had defeated the orc.
She showed no signs of being overwhelmed.
Well, they were quite far away, so it wouldn’t have had as much impact.
As for Phillip and the other guard, they were still catching their breath.

“Wuff? Wou-wou!”
“Hmm, Leo… What is it?”

Leo suddenly started barking, and then so did Sherry.
Did you see that? It was so easy! A fenrir would have no trouble! Leo seemed to say.
Sherry was at Ms. Claire’s feet, and replied cheerfully.
She hadn’t been enthusiastic about it before, but perhaps she changed her mind after seeing me fight?

“It looks like Sherry wants to fight now. …But I hope that she doesn’t do anything dangerous.”
“Well, Leo is watching, so it should be fine. Besides, she is a fenrir. So surely she is stronger than an orc?”
“Yes, Claire. While it is true that Sherry is still small, and does not look strong at all… You should believe in her. As she is your familiar.”
“…Indeed. Well, do your best, Sherry.”

Sherry looked up and barked happily.
While she had been like a house dog, she seemed reliable now.

“So, Tilura is next. Can you do it?”
“Yes, I’m fine!”
“Tilura. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know?”
“Sister, I will do my best. So you better watch!”
“Yes, very well.”

While Tilura replied energetically, it was clear to all that she was terribly nervous.
I was a little concerned, but Leo was here, just in case. And the guards and I could also intervene.
…And Mr. Ekenhart would also help her.

Tilura also seemed to want to prove herself in front of Ms. Claire.
And Ms. Claire was looking at her seriously, as if to take in the sight of her sister’s growth.
Mr. Ekenhart nodded as he watched, and his eyes welled up with tears. Was this really the right time to cry?

“…Mm! So, good Leo?”

Mr. Ekenhart coughed when he noticed that I was looking at him, and then he turned to Leo so that she would detect the orcs.
Leo then turned her nose towards the forest and began to search for them.
Shortly after, Leo discovered three orcs, and I relayed the information to Phillip and the guard, who then went out to lure the orcs to us.

“Tilura. Be prepared so that you can face them at any moment.”

Tilura then unsheathed her sword.
Obviously, it was not a katana, but a specially made short sword.
Mr. Ekenhart had ordered it in Ractos, and given it to his daughter before we entered the forest.
It was a plain short sword, and smaller than the one I had.

As Tilura was still short, even an ordinary short sword was too big for her.
Even the one she had now might be too long, but Tilura would grow quickly anyway.
And though it wouldn’t have much reach, the important thing was that it was easy for her to handle.
Tilura swung her sword in the air a few times and confirmed that it was easy to use.

“Tilura, you saw how the orcs charge, didn’t you? Even if it is moving towards you, it will be fine as long as you remain calm. While you cannot use magic like Mr. Takumi did, you can still avoid them. And cutting them as they pass is an effective method.”

Mr. Ekenhart must have been worried that Tilura was nervous, as he started to give her some advice.
In my case, I was able to use light magic to stun the orc, but Tilura had not been taught that yet.
There had been a brief lesson about magic before, but it was mostly just playing… Still, she had been told some basic things at least.
In any case, as it was now, she had fewer options for dealing with an orc’s charge.

And Tilura did not have the strength to directly block an orc’s attacks.
She would just get knocked off of her feet.
And so she would have to dodge. I suppose that meant she would use my own way of dodging as an example…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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