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I Talked With Mr. Ekenhart

“Does Ms. Claire and the others know about it? It seemed like Sebastian did.”
“Claire knows about the swords, though not in detail. But neither does Nicholas, and he uses one. It is the same with Sebastian. Also, they know not to talk about it with others.”

I suppose only the head of the house was allowed to know more about them then.
Sebastian was the butler who was closest to Mr. Ekenhart, but even he did not know much more than Ms. Claire.

“But why does Nicholas have one if it is something that is supposed to be secret?”

I could understand why Mr. Ekenhart had one, but it seemed odd that one the guards should as well.

“Because I gave it to him. Their existence is not what is secret. Besides…it is not a very good one, and so it is allowed. As long as you are working for a noble.”
“I see…”

Now that I think about it, the sword that Nicholas had been holding was a little different from Mr. Ekenhart’s.
Though…I could not really explain what it was.
There was a difference in the way that the blade reflected the light, and the hilt and sheath were less decorated.

I suppose as a noble, Mr. Ekenhart’s one was decorated that way.
In any case, this meant that Nicholas’s two swords were slightly inferior in quality.
Though, he talked and acted like a warrior, so it suited him.

“But wouldn’t that mean that I couldn’t use one? I am no soldier…”
“Mmm… It’s just that I thought it would be a better fit for you… And I think there is someone in the royal family who would agree.”
“And who is that?”
“I cannot tell you just yet… Regardless, I think you should at least continue to train with it. Though, obviously, you cannot take it out with you to town, where others might see it.”
“Ah, I understand. I will continue to use my other sword when leaving the mansion then.”

I wasn’t a soldier, and was only learning to use a sword for self defense purposes, and that was not enough of a connection to the duke to be permitted to wield a katana.
Mr. Ekenhart seemed a little awkward, but said something about how he thought someone in the royal family would approve.
Who was he talking about?
Regardless, I promised that I would not use it when leaving the mansion.

I did not want to do anything to negatively affect his position.
After all, I was very indebted to him.
Besides, I was satisfied with my old sword. And so even if this new one felt nice in my hands, it didn’t mean I had to change it right away.

“Thank you. I will see to it that you are given permission eventually. And I can also talk to them about you… And maybe I can tell you more as well. I hope you don’t mind?”
“If you trust them, then it should be fine.”
“Yes, there is no need to worry about that. I think they will take a liking to you for different reasons when it was me. And there shouldn’t be any problem with getting permission for the sword.”

Mr. Ekenhart was confident that this person would take a liking to me after he explained everything.
I didn’t know what this person was like, but I decided to just leave it all to Mr. Ekenhart.
Knowing him, there was a part of me that felt a little anxious…but he was still the master of the house.

“I will leave it to you, Mr. Ekenhart. But can you tell me something about this person?”
“Hmm… Well, they might be a little strange, but not malicious. I cannot really tell you much. But they are one of the reasons that I started to trust you.”

Mr. Ekenhart sounded awkward when he talked.
Also, I wondered what he meant when saying they were one of the reasons that he trusted me?
But I suppose he couldn’t talk about it… Perhaps it had something to do with the Gift?
In any case, he would tell me about it eventually, so I didn’t need to know about it for now.

After all, they say that curiosity killed the cat, so it was best to not pry.
That was enough about the swords. But I did have one other question before we returned to the house.

“I understand. By the way…we are in the middle of growing the herbs over there…”
“Yes, they seem to have grown even more. We should as the people who have been watching them.”

And so we moved our attention to the herbs as we walked over to the garden.
As it was starting to get dark, we could not see it as clearly as earlier, but you could still see that the herbs had grown.
It wasn’t as dramatic a change as yesterday, but it was still abnormal.

“How are Mr. Takumi’s herbs?”
“Your Grace. We have been watching them closely, and they continue to grow at an alarming rate.”

Mr. Ekenhart started talking to the butlers who were watching the herbs.
As the butler said, the herbs had already grown enough to be picked.

“Hmm. In that case… What about the new herbs that were made?”
“They are over there. The new herbs have grown even faster. As you can see, they have not only grown larger, but have multiplied.”
“It sure looks that way.”

A short distance away, there was another patch of land where I had made some new herbs with Weed Cultivation.
Just like yesterday, they had multiplied to nearly double the amount.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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