My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 361

We Inspected The Herb Garden

“Mr. Ekenhart. The new herbs are the same as yesterday.”
“It seems that way. In other words, the ones made directly by Mr. Takumi grow quickly and multiply. While we will have to continue to observe the ones that increased yesterday, the newly grown ones seem to grow at a slower pace and multiply less…”
“I suppose the speed and amount change depending on whether they were made with Weed Cultivation directly.”

The ones I made directly would die after a day.
While the others would increase about 1.5 times which was still pretty good. So the herbs that I made could continue to multiply then.
Though, I didn’t know if the cycle would continue forever…

In any case, to put it simply, if I grew 10 Ramogi, they would double to 20 in a day, and then would be 30 by the second day.
So we could make quite a lot in a short time.
And if we got the timing right with picking them, then we might get as much as 50 in three days.
And of course, I could continue to use Weed Cultivation in the meantime.

“Well, you could say that the initial goal had been met then.”
“Yes. I suppose we will still have to see if the quality is the same, though.”
“Indeed. That can come later.”

There was actually one other thing that I wondered about.
It was if I could also use Weed Cultivation to change their state.
But I thought that it was quite likely.
According to Isabelle, part of the ability of Weed Cultivation was being able to grow plants anywhere at any time.

While there were limitations with the plants, if I could do it anywhere, then I should be able to change the state of a plant, even if I didn’t make it with Weed Cultivation.
But I would have to test it later.
As we wanted to check the quality, we should continue to see what would happen if we continue to grow them.

“Well, let us return to the house then.”
“Yes. Ah, sorry. If you see that they start wilting, just leave them like that. I want to see what will happen.”
“And don’t worry too much about it.”
“Yes, of course.”

As the butlers might panic again if the herbs died, I assured them that it was perfectly fine.
Now we could find out if the same thing would happen to the new herbs.
It was important that the butlers didn’t see any outcome as a failure.
I didn’t want them to be anxious in the morning and feel like they have to apologize.

And so we left the herbs to them, and I returned to the house with Mr. Ekenhart, and we went to the dining hall.
As we were quite late, Leo and Liza were probably getting hungry and impatient.

“Hmm… Mr. Takumi, I still can’t say that I feel the effect strongly…but I feel slightly better.”
“You do?”

After dinner, we all drank the medicinal wine together.
Of course, Leo, Sherry, Liza and Tilura drank grape juice instead.
Liza had taken a liking to it, and was just as excited as she was for dessert.
I smiled and nodded at her while answering Mr. Ekenhart.

“Yes, Mr. Takumi. I do feel better when waking up in the morning. Though…perhaps I am just imagining it.”
“As for me, I am quite sure that my hair has become smoother. It is probably what allowed me to restyle it in a way that is not frightening.”

So Ms. Claire felt better when getting up in the morning…I suppose that meant the medicinal wine had helped her sleep better.
That was a similar effect to the herbs I made before. And while it could just be a coincidence, the wine was probably more healthy regardless.
As for Ms. Anne…she was suggesting the wine had a good effect on her hair… But I don’t think that should be the case…
Well, perhaps your hair was connected to your health…but I wished she wouldn’t blame my wine for her new hairstyle…

“Well, I think it is a bit early to be feeling any effects… But I am glad to hear that you are all well.”
“Yes. Due to my age, I have felt my strength weakening for some time, but I also feel a little better after I started drinking it.”
“Hahaha… Indeed…”

Sebastian, who had been standing by, also started to insist that the wine was having a positive effect on him.
…I did not feel it was worth believing though.
Sebastian had been present during the process of making it, and had tasted the herbs. That might have affected his perception.
Also, he was starting to talk like those infomercial people…

The ones who try to trick old people into buying supplements that will cure them…
Obviously, it wasn’t the same thing, but it was such an uncanny resemblance that I had to chuckle.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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