My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 362

We Thought Of Ways To Sell The Medicinal Wine

“We still have to see the effects first, but we’re thinking about producing it in Range village as well.”
“Indeed. Well, I doubt people would buy it immediately…”
“Really? I think it could sell immediately, once people know it’s effective?”

Mr. Ekenhart was thinking about making the medicinal wine in Range village as well.
But unlike the other wine, the color and taste were not particularly great.

“Well, I think it won’t sell quickly, because the effects are not felt quickly.”
“I see. It would be easier to sell if the customer could tell it was effective immediately. In that case, we will have to think about how we sell it.”
“Indeed. We can’t just put it on store shelves… We need to get people to drink it. People who can feel the effects and spread the word.”
“Yes. And then more people will buy it.”

Since I had been thinking about infomercials, perhaps we should do something similar.
Have people test it and advertise.
However, this was no guarantee that it would sell well.

“However, there is still the possibility that people won’t buy it.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Well, it’s a drink that makes you healthy. So it is not the most obvious change. Besides, people would find it hard to believe if you told them that someone drank wine and became healthy…”

Especially if the person who drank it was already healthy to begin with.
It would at least be more convincing if someone who was not well, though not quite sick either, drank it.
However, if there was someone like that, then it would be much better to not rely on medicinal wine, and take the herbs or some other medicine instead.
Besides, we still didn’t know to what degree it improved your health.
It was possible that the effects would be very subtle.

“Hmm. It is difficult then. We will have to discuss the matter carefully. But we will have an answer for it by the time we start making it in Range village.”
“Yes. Well…we could always just sell a small amount for a low price.”
“Hmm. In other words, do not make too much… That could make it seem more valuable.”
“Exactly. Though, we will have to think about how much… But if the quantity is low, then people might think it is more effective.”

Humans were weak to things that were in limited quantities… Or at least, that had been the case in Japan. So it could prove to be true here.
Of course, I did not want to deceive anyone, so we would only do it after we knew that it was effective.

“First, instead of focusing on profits, we should focus on gaining the trust of customers. Once everyone believes in the product, then we can produce more and know that it will sell.”
“Care more about future profits than present ones. Not many people think like that. But I am glad that you do. Yes, once we are sure of what we have, we shall do as you suggest. Not just for me, but it could benefit future generations of this house as well.”

This was no surprise, as the duke was one of the most successful of the nobles when it came to business.
Ms. Claire listened to the conversation with a serious, thoughtful expression. As for Ms. Anne, she looked like she didn’t understand what we were talking about.
It was the same with Liza and Tilura.

Well, none of this would come to anything if the medicinal wine wasn’t effective.

“Mr. Takumi, you swing the katana like this. You are not pushing like with a sword, but pulling.”

After dinner and tea, I went out into the garden with Tilura and Mr. Ekenhart, and it was time for our training.
Mr. Ekenhart was now teaching me how to swing.
Even if I couldn’t take the katana outside, there may be an occasion to use it. That’s what he said, anyway.
…I sincerely hoped that was not the case.

Liza, Leo and Sherry stood by the side and watched us.
It was probably terribly boring to watch, but Liza looked amused.
Or was she just entertained by seeing how I was struggling?
As the blade was curved, I did know that it was best to pull for cutting. But its weight was so different that it was hard to adjust…

“Phew… Hah…”
“Good. That should be enough for today.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Thank you, father!”

As the training was quite different from usual, my muscles were quite sore.
And so I immediately ate some recovery herbs as I caught my breath.
As I had only used an ordinary sword up until now, I realize that changing weapons really took a toll on your body.

That being said, they were still similar weapons. So this was probably quite mild, all things considered.
I was amazed at people who could use weapons that were completely different. Like a sword and spear…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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