Royal Magician – 145

Chapter 145 – Consult

“I didn’t know. That there is food this delicious in the world.”

Ms. Evangeline was surprised.
I was happy to see this reaction, and smiled.

“We must go shopping next. It is so fun to just go and look around.”

And so we went from store to store, trying on different clothes. Sometimes buying and sometimes not buying.

Ms. Evangeline was pretty, and with a good figure, so she looked good in almost anything. Which made me all the more enthusiastic about styling her.

When I made a present of the clothes that suited her best, Ms. Evangeline looked taken aback.

“Are you sure?”
“Of course. It’s my way of thanking you for teaching me so much magic yesterday!”
“A present from a friend…! My first present…!”

After that, we visited all the famous tourist locations in the city, and ate while we walked.

“Ultra Super Big Pudding Parfait! It is what this tea house is known for!”
“What is this…”

Ms. Evangeling stared at the towering monument in awe.
And so we talked about magic while poking at it with our spoons.

“I think you will become a great magician, Noelle. In terms of qualities and potential, I’ve never seen anyone like you in my three thousand years of living. Of course, you are still very rough around the edges, and are lacking in other wars. That is what you must conquer.”
“In what ways am I lacking?”
“First and foremost, fundamental basic research. More knowledge of magical pharmacology and medical magic is required. Research on space magic and complex analysis magic is also severely lacking. Magical formulaic structure and magical mechanics in local symmetric spaces are also insufficient. Your knowledge of enchantments is heavily skewed. Additionally, you must make efforts in the fields of herbology and astronomy. You have hardly any knowledge of elemental magic or ancient magic, and a greater understanding of ancient runic script is also necessary.”
“Oh, uh…”

So there was a mountain of work to be done.

“St-still, I was a model student back at the academy, you know?”
“Considering the level of humans, that is no surprise. But if you wish to be the best, there is so much you lack.”

What was scary, was that Ms. Evangleine knew accurately all of the subjects I had disliked or ignored up until now.

And she realized it just after talking with me for one day.

“I will do my best.”
“Yes, I will be cheering for you.”

Ms. Evangeline said with a smile.

“By the way, is there anything that is troubling you? As your superior, you can confide in me.”

There was certainly something doing just that.
After hesitating briefly, I said,

“Is it alright if it’s not about magic?”
“Of course. While being a good magician is important, living a good life is also important.”
“Well, perhaps it is not something I should take so seriously.”
“What is it?”
“Uh, I suppose you could say it is slightly related to romance…”
“Love talk!?”

Ms. Evangeline’s face lit up.

“Tell me everything! I would very much like to discuss it with you!”

◇  ◇  ◇

“Queen Evangeline is leaning forward over the table.”
“Well, she always wanted to talk about romance with a friend.”

At the same time.
The two shadows that watched over Noelle and Evangeline from around the corner.

“However, she has never had anything to do with romance herself. What advice would she give?”
“Surely she will be fine. She has lived for three thousand years, after all.”

The two whispered to each other while eating cheese cakes, apple pies and orange jelly.
And like this, they pricked up their ears to catch Noelle and Evangeline’s conversation.

“I think he was half asleep, but he pulled me close. And then said something about how he loved me. And I don’t know what he meant by that.”

(Uh, it seems obvious enough. Clearly it is in a romantic way.)

Synthia sighed with exasperation, but also relief.

(Good. It is so easy that even someone like Queen Evangeline will be able to answer correctly.)

And after a serious nod, the queen gave her answer.

“Indeed, what a riddle. I know that you two are close friends. And so it is possible that he only meant that he loves you as a friend.”

(What an unbelievable idiot…!)

Synthia shuddered.

(Damn it…! It is too much for Queen Evangeline. She has not had a boyfriend for three thousand years. The weight is too heavy…!)

At this rate, she was likely to give the most idiotic answers, and it would completely ruin her relationship with Ms. Noelle.

However, the next reply was most unexpected.

“What is more important, is what you wish to do, Noelle.”
“Yes. Once you figure that out, then you will be able to decide how to deal with the matter.”

(Huh? That was strangely sensible.)

Perhaps she was able to cover for her lack of romantic experience, with her ample life experience.

(Good. It should be fine then. And Ms. Noelle and his relationship should go in a good direction.)

As Synthia relaxed, Noelle replied.

“What I would like to do, is unleash some very powerful magic to make him squeal. The desire to beat my rival is stronger than ever. Once that is done, he can catch up, and I will strive to achieve something to surpass myself once again.”

(She only thinks about magic…)

Synthia was stunned.

(What a fool. Is her brain just made of muscle? How simple-minded. I had heard that she loved magic, but to this degree…)

While bewildered, it also did make some sense.
It was because she only thought about magic, and continued to love it so much…

Yes, that was why she was such a powerful magician.

(How pitiful for him, to continue to have feelings for such a person)

Synthia thought sadly.
Evangeline smiled and said,

“I do hope you continue to do what you want. As your heart tells you. And I think that is what he wants as well.”

Her expression became mischievous as she continued.

“Don’t worry about it. When the time comes, he will make things clear to you.”

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