Royal Magician – 53

Chapter 53 – Epilogue 1

Once I was completely recovered, I participated in an inquiry with the Royal Magicians Order and the Adventurers Guild.

I honestly told them everything that I could remember.

How I had struck back at the dragon’s breath with all of my might.
And that I made it chase me through the trees and tried to keep it away from the town.

That I had deactivated the concealment magic with Dispel, destroyed the collar with the suspicious light, and returned the dragon back to normal.

While I was waiting, I was also able to talk with Nina.

As we had gone on our separate paths, there was so much that we wanted to talk about.
And the time passed by too quickly.

“If you ever come to the royal capital, you must contact me.”
“Yes. I will.”

Nina said with a smile.

“Still, it is sad. If only we could have met sooner.”
“What do you mean?”
“I just wish that we could have gone adventuring together.”

Nina said with a pout.

“It was actually something that I was thinking about. Forming a party. But it looks like someone beat me to it.”
“But that’s a great idea! Let’s do it!”

I said, leaning forward and grabbing her hands.

“Do you mean it? But aren’t you busy with your work as a Royal Magician?”
“It will be fine! My workplace is shockingly white. They have paid vacations and extended leave. Just let me know your plans. In the meantime, I’m going to get my Adventurers license!”

The idea of going on an adventure with Nina!
I told her how excited I was, and Nina smiled.

“Thank you. It’s a promise then!”
“Yes, a promise!”

We both laughed.
Suddenly, one of the Adventurers who was also being questioned approached me.

“Excuse me, Ms. Noelle. I was wondering if I couldn’t ask you for one favor.”

What could it be?
I looked at him with a puzzled expression and so the Adventurer continued.

“My family happens to run a magic school. Would you consider lecturing there just once?”

It took me a moment to understand the meaning of those words.

“Uh, but I am really still new to this. I am hardly in a position to…”
“Everyone would be overjoyed to have the great magician who defeated a dragon visit us. Please consider it.”

The Adventurer said earnestly.
As I wondered how to respond, another Adventurer joined in.

“Hey! He’s beaten us to the punch already!”
“That’s not fair! I wanted to talk to her, but refrained!”
“You’re the one who helped during the plague crisis in the north, aren’t you? We would be honored if you would visit our magic physicians guild…”
“You fool! I was first! Our magic books store is…”

The Adventurers were now pushing and shoving each other.
At first, I thought that they were making fun of me. But apparently that wasn’t the case.

They genuinely wanted me to give lectures or help in other ways.
It was so unbelievable that I could only stand there in shock.

‘Think about how we must feel, having hired such a useless person like yourself.’

My very first job. The magic artificer guild where I could not make it and was fired.

‘I’m very sorry, but we will not be able to hire you at this time.’

I had not been able to find work anywhere else.
No one had needed me. And I had been so depressed.

But now, so many people want my help.

I was so glad that I didn’t give up.
That I continued.
That I was alive.

I couldn’t help but smile then.

And with a feeling of great happiness, I watched the amusing Adventurers brawl that ensued.

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Expelled From a Black Magic Item Craftsman Guild I Was Picked up as a Royal Magician

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