My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 450

It was decided that I would grow more Loe

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that… I’m just making them with Weed Cultivation, so there is no need to charge anything.”

Loe was so rare and expensive here, that a store having even one was considered a big deal.
Because of this, it was possible that you could not acquire it when it was needed. Besides, it would be too expensive for individual soldiers.
And it seemed wrong for people to have to risk their lives and put themselves in danger, just to buy herbs to treat their injuries…
I suppose it would be like insurance.
By having some Loe in stock, they might be able to help certain soldiers who are badly injured…

Mr. Ekenhart was talking about paying for them, but I didn’t have any intention of selling them at a high price or anything.
The duke had been very kind to me, so I was happy for an opportunity to repay him, while also helping other people.

“No, Mr. Takumi. You cannot expect me to receive them for free? Besides, we already have a contract in place. And so I will pay the wholesale price at least.”
“Indeed. And it will probably still be cheaper than other places.”
“Really? But I wanted it to be a show of my gratitude to you and the soldiers…”
“No, no, no. The fact that you can produce them at all is enough. Besides, if we’re talking about shows of gratitude, it is I who should be doing something for you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes, it is as His Grace says. You dealt with Deam and Range village, and lowered the price of Ramogi to cure the disease…on top of finding the source of it. It is we who should be thanking you.”

Is that so?
But they were allowing me to live in this mansion, and the people of Range village had given us delicious wine and treated me well.
They had also accepted Leo…
I had known nothing when coming to this world. Without Ms. Claire and the duke’s help, I could not imagine what would have happened to us.
We might have just died in the wilderness… At least, we would not be living as comfortably as we were now.

…Especially because, up until now, I had lived without relying on others as much as possible.
Still, while we had only seen here for a few months, we had accomplished quite a lot.
I suppose I didn’t think about it much, as it was mainly due to this sudden ability I acquired.
No, more than Weed Cultivation, it was Leo’s involvement.

“However, there are also the herb fields… I just don’t know what I would do with more money…”
“Well, I don’t see how that is a problem. In any case, I understand your suggestion now, Mr. Takumi. We will now be able to get reasonably priced Loe, and the soldiers will be a little safer. And you get to make more money. It is all positive then.”

Mr. Ekenhart didn’t seem to think that having too much money could be a problem. But for starters…where would I put it?

There were no banks, so I couldn’t make a deposit and withdraw it when I wanted… That meant I had to keep it all by myself.
I had never had so much money before, and if I converted it to Japanese yen… No, I didn’t want to think about that… It would be a scary number compared to what I made as a salaryman.
Mr. Ekenhart was a duke, who governed lands and owned businesses. And so he was used to managing his money. But I just felt anxious.
At least I had Leo with me, and everyone in the mansion could be trusted… Still, I was getting to the point where I would have to think about where I kept my savings.
Well, I would have to spend a lot to build the house… But it would be something I had to think about soon.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Takumi?”
“No, it is nothing. So, the Loe will be sold at the wholesale price. But as for how much will be needed…”
“You will have to wait for that. I will figure out which locations should store it, and then calculate how much will be needed. Still, are you quite sure? You could sell them for a little higher…”
“Very well, I will wait. But as for the price, I am fine with it. I already feel like it’s too much.”
“You are so modest, Mr. Takumi. Most greedy merchants would have tried to sell for as high as possible.”

As I was deep in thought about the money, Mr. Ekenhart brought the conversation back to the Loe.
I had no intention of being modest, like Mr. Ekenhart said, but… I suppose I looked that way to some people from this world.
I just had this perception that things should be discounted when buying them in bulk… And so I actually wanted to lower the price even further.

In the first place, I hadn’t made the suggestion so that I could make a profit.
The biggest reason was for the people and soldiers…
I suppose it was not a mentality that was suited for a merchant.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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